WhiteHat Jr

How to know if your start-up will work

WhiteHat Jr grew to 5000+ employees, while using almost no incremental funds.

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The low probability of startup success – and why you should still do it!

"Creative success lies in meeting unarticulated needs, which are generally at the edge of the system," says Karan Bajaj, an author and technology entrepreneur.

Karan Bajaj is an author and technology entrepreneur, and also founder and CEO of WhiteHatJr.

To infinity and beyond: 5 apps made by kids that prove age is no bar when it comes to sheer genius

Time and again, children surprise us by thinking out of the box. Here's proof.

whitehat jr apps developed by kids

Startup Talk: WhiteHat Jr founder & CEO Karan Bajaj shares how he rapidly scaled up the ed-tech coding company

In 2018, Bajaj left Discovery to start WhiteHat Jr (WhiteHat incidentally is a term used for ethical hackers), because he felt he loves to build things.

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