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Staying fit with fitness bands

Fitness trackers of all kinds have become extremely popular in urban India, helping people to manage their physical activity and calorie intake and stay in shape. Device makers see significant opportunity due to growing inter

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Fitness bands can lead to a revolution in self-care

Industry data suggests more than 60% of wearable technology users tend to discontinue usage after a few months. GOQii on the other hand is a perfect blend of technology, Internet and a human factor to keep an individual engag

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Living longer with wearable tech

Fitter people will be early adopters of connected wellness technology, says a new Ericsson report

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Products worth waiting for

Technology is changing our world so fast, it’s tough to keep up with the latest wizardry or gadgetry. In fact, some products are still to hit the market, but are already creating waves. Sites like Digital Trends and others,

CES Gadget Show 2015: Wearable sensors gather lots of data – now to make it useful

It's not just about how many steps you've taken or how many calories you've burned in a day...

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Unique LG Tone Infinim neck band launched in India for Rs 10,990

LG Tone Infinim wireless wearable neckband promises premium sound quality powered by Harman-Kardon.

Google Glass may cause ‘blind spots’ in vision

Google Glass may partially obstruct peripheral vision, causing blind spots that could interfere with driving.

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