Jal Jeevan Mission — Accountability in public policy

Jal Jeevan Mission: Launched in 2019, JJM aims to provide each and every household in rural India safe and adequate drinking water and through tap connections by 2024.

As a result, intended accountees will be better equipped to evaluate the performance of the government.

The other ‘pandemic’: Worsening antimicrobial resistance needs to be battled with better vaccine coverage, safe drinking water & proper sanitation

By Jyoti Joshi & Erta Kalanxhi As the world deals with the acute ravages of Covid-19, the collateral damage on other public health threats is apparent. The previous decade witnessed an unprecedented global political coord

AMR-relevant measures in the dashboards represented four categories: policy indicators; antimicrobial resistance indicators; antimicrobial use indicators; and public health indicators.

PM Narendra Modi to launch ‘Catch the Rain’ campaign on Monday

It will pave the way for more interlinking of river projects to ensure that scarcity of water does not become an inhibitor for development in the country, the PMO said.

PM Narendra Modi calls for 100-day campaign to clean up water bodies, harvest rain water

Noting that monsoon will begin in many parts of the country by around May-June, the prime minister asked can there be a 100-day public campaign to clean up all nearby water bodies and prepare those for rain water conservation

Chennai Water Crisis: The reason why Tamil Nadu capital is facing severe drought

Chennai's water resource has vanished over the decades due to the government's neglection. The city had over two dozen water bodies which have reduced to almost half a dozen now.

Chennai's condition is worrying as people have very scarce water even for daily needs like bathing and sanitation.

Govt’s model bill on water to stress on storage creation

With vast swathes in several states facing drought-like situation, the Centre is drafting a model bill that would lay stress on creating large-scale rainwater storage facilities, efficient allocation of the valuable resource

Government mulls on law making recycled water use mandatory for factories

There are more sugar mills and distilleries in Marathwada that guzzle up more water in a region which is known to face acute water scarcity.


Behind Pankaja’s ‘oasis’, an initiative to revive river

That “oasis”, at Sai village in Latur district, however has little to do with the government, its men or machinery.

Using tap water and salt in cooking may make food toxic: Study

Cooking with chloraminated tap water and iodised table salt could put potentially harmful toxins in your food, a new study has warned".

Scientists refrigerate water with laser for the first time

In first, researchers from the University of Washington have refrigerated water and other liquids with laser under real-world conditions.

Earth’s water was here all along

A new study has provided insights into the origin of Earth's water, suggesting that it is as old as the planet itself.

South African company makes 100% pure ‘Water from Air’

South Africa-based company, Water from Air, has sold hundreds of machines that make water out of air since last three months.

Water may be found on other planets too, says NASA scientist

With recent NASA study confirming presence of water on Mars, Indian-origin scientist working with the US space agency Amitabh Ghosh today said that a few other planets in our solar system too may have water, increasing the po

Asteroids are Moon’s main ‘water supply’

Water reserves found on the Moon are the result of asteroids acting as "delivery vehicles" and not of falling ice comets as was previously thought, a new study using computer simulation has found.

Only fraction of fresh water available on earth’s surface

Scientists have revealed that only a fraction of water is fresh on the earth's surface.

Bottle of water before meals could help in lose weight

A new study claims that drinking a bottle of water before meals could help obese adults in reducing weight.

Scientists calculate speed of ice formation

For the first time, researchers have directly calculated the rate at which water crystallises into ice in a realistic computer model of water molecules.

Water, water shortage, water technology

India set to become water scarce country by 2025: Report

India is set to become water scarce country by 2025 due to demand-supply mis-match.

delhi jal board

90 pct household to get safe drinking water in 8 yrs: Govt

90% homes in the country will get piped drinking water in next eight years.

Water on Earth came from meteorites: study

Earth is known as the Blue Planet because of its oceans, which cover more than 70 per cent of the planet's surface

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