US court sets aside proposed Trump-era rule on H-1B visa selection

The USCIS had said it would prioritise wages to protect the economic interests of American workers, and better ensure that the most highly skilled foreign workers benefit from the temporary employment programme.

Health considerations are the most important factor for travel recovery: Vinay Malhotra, VFS Global

In a post-COVID world, when travellers and governments will still be closely tracking the course of the infection in various countries, it is quite likely that health and safety concerns will take precedence for all.

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Breaking Master/Visa credit card oligopoly, UPI-based mobile vCard finds takers in India [Features Inside]

vCard is a digital credit card incorporating multiple tech innovations. It is fundamentally different from the plastic credit cards being offered by banks

credit card payment

Passport Index 2021: Germany has most powerful passport in 2021, but Belgium came out strongest during COVID-19

With the closure of borders, global mobility fell, leading to an all time low in the World Openness Score (WOS).

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H-1B visa: Mere 10 days before vacating office, Trump administration changes H-1B visa rules; Details

Once the federal register is published on Friday, the new rules would become effective after a time period of 60 days.

US H-1B visa rules changed

New Australian 3 yr multiple entry visa trial to benefit Indian travellers

Australia’s High Commissioner to India, Harinder Sidhu, has welcomed the announcement of the trial of a three-year multiple - entry visitor visa for India to be implemented by July 2016

Commerce Ministry pitches for comprehensive visa relaxation norms

The Commerce and Industry Ministry is rooting for comprehensive relaxation of visa norms to boost services trade, a proposal that is being taken up with the Prime Minister's Office (PMO).

Decisions on visas to Pakistan nationals to be speeded up

Decisions on granting visas to Pakistani nationals are likely to be speeded up by the Indian government by simplifying the necessary processes.

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US raising pressure on India over US human trafficking visas

Since March, Indians who have received US T visas have faced new restrictions. T-visa holders face long delays in renewing passports at Indian consulates in the United States.

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Target reaches deal to settle breach claims with Visa

Target has reached a deal to pay up to $67 million to settle Visa claims related to a massive 2013 data breach that resulted in the theft of millions of debit and credit card numbers.

Average annual income of India’s affluent is Rs 1.5 mn: Visa Affluent Study

The average annual household income of India's affluent is Rs 1.5 million while the average age is 34 years, younger than most Asia Pacific markets, a report says.

indian rupee vs us dollar

Cash no longer king, e-shoppers prefer card payment: Survey

A majority of Indians who make online purchases prefer making payments through credit or debit cards...

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UK to overhaul visa regime to boost business

The new easier-to-understand range of visitor visas carry greater flexibility for people using them

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