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Hillary Clinton discloses millions in book royalties, speaking fees

The US Senate has confirmed the nomination of an Indian-American by President Barack Obama to the board of directors of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation.

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Hillary Clinton and the 2-for-1 presidency

The notion of a 2-for-1 Clinton presidency is back.

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Australian opposition leader backs Hillary Clinton, slams Donald Trump

Australia's centre-left opposition Labor Party leader Bill Shorten on Tuesday endorsed US Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton over her chief Republican rival...

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I am fighting for survival: Donald Trump

Donald Trump, who defeated 16 top political leaders of his party to become the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, has said that he does not considers himself as powerful and is fighting for survival.

Donald Trump warns of major attack by refugees in US

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has warned of major terror attacks by refugees coming into the US.

Barack Obama takes shot at Donald Trump, says ‘ignorance’ not a virtue

United States President Barack Obama took aim at presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump during the commencement address at Rutgers University and told the graduates to flaunt their knowledge, not brag abou

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Poster at Lithuanian eatery: Donald Trump locking lips with Vladimir Putin

A street artist in Lithuania has adorned a barbecue restaurant with a poster showing Donald Trump locking lips with Vladimir Putin.

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Fearing Donald Trump, some Democrats up pressure on Bernie Sanders to exit

Democratic Party leaders are upping the pressure on Bernie Sanders to drop his presidential campaign, alarmed that his continued presence is undermining efforts to beat the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump, and ag

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It’s none of your business: Donald Trump on tax papers

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump today brushed aside calls for releasing his tax returns, saying "it's none of your business".

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Key Republican leadership in Congress endorses Donald Trump

In a sign that the party is gradually rallying behind him, as many as nine chairmen of key Congressional committees in the US House of Representatives have endorsed presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

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Donald Trump says Muslim ban proposal not just ‘suggestion’

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has said his proposal to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the US was not just a "suggestion" and if elected to the White House he would not allow Syrian refugees w

Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, pledge to work together, see end to rift in GOP

Straining to mend their party after months of chaos, Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan declared themselves ''totally committed'' to working together after a fence-mending personal meeting on Thursday.

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Donald Trump to meet Republican leaders in a patch-up bid

Donald Trump to meet party leaders to sort out differences and forge unity within the bitterly divided party before he mounts his presidential bid.

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Hindu Sena says ‘only Donald Trump can save humanity’; eyes divine intervention from Shiva, Hanuman

Donald Trump may find it tough to get Republican leaders behind his campaign, but he's got some faraway fans trying to get the gods on his side - in India.

Newt Gingrich doesn’t rule out Donald Trump VP role

Republican veteran Newt Gingrich did not rule out on Wednesday the possibility that he could be persuaded to serve as presumptive nominee Donald Trump's vice presidential running mate, but said Trump has plenty of other talen

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Donald Trump says he will constitute commission to study Muslim ban

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump today said that he may set up a counter-terrorism commission to study his immigration policies and his controversial proposal to ban foreign Muslims from entering the US until Ameri

Donald Trump, in Capitol Hill visit, faces party skeptics looking for unity

Presumptive U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will visit Republican lawmakers on Thursday, but instead of what is usually just a rite on the road to the nomination, Trump will face pressure to tone down his rh

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Hillary Clinton loss in West Virginia signals trouble in Rust Belt

US Democratic White House candidate Hillary Clinton lost a nominating contest to Bernie Sanders in economically struggling West Virginia on Tuesday, a setback that could signal trouble for her in industrial states in the Nove

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Donald Trump short lists his VP pick to less than half a dozen

A week after becoming the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump today shortlisted his vice presidential pick to less than half a dozen candidates, media reports said today even as the list of those saying

Not in VP race; would support Trump over Clinton: Marco Rubio

Categorically ruling out himself to be considered as a Republican vice presidential candidate, Florida Senator Marco Rubio has said he would vote for Donald Trump against Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton despite his sh

Maple Match dating site matches Americans fleeing Donald Trump with Canadians

A dating website is pledging to match Americans who can't live with a Donald Trump presidency to Canadians looking for love, facilitating the pledge often made by US voters to move to Canada if the real estate billionaire is

Hillary Clinton loses to Bernie Sanders in coal state of West Virginia

US Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders defeated Hillary Clinton on Tuesday in West Virginia's primary, winning over voters deeply skeptical about the economy and signaling the difficulty Clinton may have in indus

‘Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump nationwide; deadlocked in key states’

Donald Trump, the Republican presumptive presidential nominee, is running behind nationally against his potential Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, but the two are in a dead heat in three key swing states of Florida, Ohio and

Donald Trump retreats on comments on raising taxes on the wealthy

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump backtracked on Monday on his remarks about raising taxes on wealthy Americans, saying the rich might simply get a smaller tax cut than he originally proposed.

Democrats gird for fight with Donald Trump in US Rust Belt states

Bracing for a general election fight with Donald Trump, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton and her allies are putting resources into industrial states such as Ohio and Pennsylvania to try to block Trump from

Will make exception for London mayor: Donald Trump on Muslims ban

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump has said as US President he would make an exception for London's first Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan in his proposed temporary ban on the entry of Muslims to the US and hoped that the Lab

US Presidential Election Countdown: Bruising battle ahead in vote that will shape America’s role in world

With six months to go, the U.S. election campaign has boiled down to an unprecedented contest that could transform America's role in the world. Democrat Hillary Clinton, a fixture on the political stage for a quarter-century,

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