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Former US President George Bush to vote for Hillary Clinton

Former US President George H W Bush has planned to vote for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in the upcoming November 8 elections,a media report said.

George Bush

Column: Donald Trump becoming president would trigger new dimension of uncertainty

Where will the rupee be in January 2017 if the UK leaves the EU (Brexit, in common parlance) and Trump wins the US presidential election?

Hillary Clinton: US must protect national security, not demonize Muslims

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, speaking on Monday after the massacre in a Florida nightclub, said the United States must find a way to keep the country safe without demonizing Muslim Americans.

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Hillary Clinton offers unifying message in first general election ad

Hillary Clinton is opening her general election campaign by casting herself as a uniting force against the divisiveness of GOP rival Donald Trump.

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Barack Obama formally endorses Hillary Clinton for US President

US President Barack Obama formally endorsed fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton for president on Thursday, describing himself as eager to get out and campaign for her, days after she gained the delegates needed to secure the part

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Bernie Sanders at White House for Democrat unity talks

Thwarted presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders arrived at the White House today for talks with President Barack Obama on how to unite the Democratic party after a testy primary campaign.

Bernie Sanders

Senator Elizabeth Warren lashes out at Republicans, Donald Trump over judges

Senator Elizabeth Warren's ardent base of liberal supporters includes many who also backed Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in the 2016 race and may follow her lead more than that of any other leading Democrat, except perhaps f

Hillary Clinton says Donald Trump behaving like a demagogue

Hillary Clinton opened her general election campaign against Donald Trump on Wednesday by accusing him of behaving like a ''demagogue''.

Hillary clinton

US Presidential poll: In Democrat-only Senate race, Republicans become swing votes

Republican candidates were shut out in the race for California's open U.S. Senate seat, but GOP voters could play a key role in November in determining which of two Democratic women goes to Washington.

Hillary Clinton creates history, becomes first woman president nominee

US President Barack Obama congratulated Hillary Clinton for securing the 2,383 delegates necessary to clinch the Democratic party's presidential nominee.

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Hillary Clinton will clinch Democratic nomination on Tuesday

Hillary Clinton will have enough delegates by Tuesday when a multi-state primary vote is to take place to make her the first woman presidential nominee of a major party in the US, her close aide said today.

Hillary Clinton

Experience is Hillary Clinton’s biggest advantage over Donald Trump

When it comes to experience, US Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton has the advantage over Republican nominee Donald Trump, according to a newly released Gallup poll.

Hillary Clinton attacks Donald Trump’s foreign policy as a threat to U.S. safety

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton lambasted Donald Trump's foreign policy platform as "dangerously incoherent" in a speech on Thursday that cast her Republican rival as both a frightening and laughable fi

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Clinton to blast Trump on North Korea, NATO in foreign policy speech

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton will slam Republican Donald Trump for being too friendly with North Korea and too harsh on European allies during a foreign policy speech in California on Thursday, designe

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Though largely unknown, Donald Trump finds fans in China

Donald Trump ''could in fact be the best president for China,'' Hong Kong Phoenix Television political commentator Wu Jun said during a recent on-air discussion.

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Donald Trump’s xenophobia worsening climate of fear: Sikh-American

A Sikh-American councilman, who was called a "terrorist" on Twitter by a Donald Trump supporter, has said the Republican presidential candidate's "xenophobic political rhetoric" has worsened the "climate of fear" against mino

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Donald Trump backs out of debate with Bernie Sanders

Donald Trump has backed out of a televised debate against Democrat Bernie Sanders just two days after agreeing, prompting the Vermont Senator to say that the Republican presumptive presidential candidate is running away from

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Barack Obama: Allies ‘rattled’ by Donald Trump

Weighing in on the Democratic race to replace him, Obama also downplayed concerns that the protracted fight between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders is hurting his party's chances, brushing off their escalating attacks as t

Barack obama

Clinton knocks Trump for cheering housing bubble burst

Democrat Hillary Clinton, seeking to dampen Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's growing appeal with working-class voters, on Tuesday accused him of having cheered on the 2008 housing market crash.

George P. Bush: A Bush can survive in Donald Trump political world

George P. Bush was talking about his future political plans - and how Donald Trump wouldn't reshape them - when two women approached, giddy with excitement.

Trump vs Airport: Donald as president could trump his club’s fight over planes

There are many questions about what Donald Trump would do if elected president, so let's add another: Would he ban planes leaving Palm Beach International Airport from flying over his prized Mar-a-Lago Club?

Hillary Clinton grapples with Donald Trump’s ability to stay in spotlight

Donald Trump kept himself planted firmly in the political spotlight this week with one headline-grabbing move after another - launching a social media defense of his treatment of women, listing possible Supreme Court nominees

China will ‘behave’ under my presidency: Donald Trump

Donald Trump has said China will "behave" and will be a "friend" of the US under his presidency even as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee asserted that he was not bothered if a trade war breaks out with the Comm

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Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump by six points in latest opinion poll

Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton is leading by six points in a hypothetical presidential election match against Donald Trump of Republican party, according to a latest opinion poll.

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‘Dangerous’ Donald Trump not qualified to be president: Hillary Clinton

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton branded her Republican rival Donald Trump as 'divisive, dangerous and unmoored', asserting that his recent behavior was clear proof that he was not qualified to be president.

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