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IPO rush on Wall Street: Uber’s former Chinese rival and Johnson & Johnson-backed co to list next

The IPO rush on Wall Street has been going strong so far in 2021 and has no intentions of slowing down.


Eric Holder weighs in for Uber against fingerprint checks

Former US Attorney General Eric Holder has written to lawmakers on behalf of Uber to argue against the use of fingerprint-based background checks as they consider how to regulate ride-hailing service drivers.

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Didi, Uber’s main rival in China, plans US IPO in 2018: Report

Didi says has no IPO plan. It is now seeking to raise another $2 bn from investors


Uber forms policy board to tackle regulatory issues around the world

The new board, including former EU commission for competition Neelie Kroes, held its first meeting this week


‘Driverless cars won’t arrive for another ten years’

The world's most valued start-up Uber Technologies is not just an on-demand taxi hailing app, but is aiming to make people their own boss, and help them to do what they want through a single click.

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