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Here’s how Social Media is helping people to stay ahead in the age and earn

The influx of information and immediate accessibility have contributed vehemently to spreading information at a fast pace and being a very good source of one's income as well. Indeed, this is the soft yug, so to speak.

Through social media sites, you can find jobs, inform your community of business opportunities and career openings, and you can even monetize your accounts.

Delhi High Court gives Twitter one last chance to comply with IT Rules

“File a better affidavit. This is not acceptable. I'm giving you a long rope but don't expect the court to do it on and on. Disclose the name of the third party contractor and explain contingent,” justice Palli said while

Poovayya assured the bench that the company would file a clearly worded affidavit in a week’s time.

World Emoji Day 2021: Here are the most popular emojis on Facebook and Twitter, check if yours is on the list

World Emoji Day: On the occasion of the World Emoji Day this year, social media giants Facebook and Twitter shared some fun statistics they noticed on their respective platforms with regard to emojis.

Twitter ने Fleets को बंद करने का किया एलान, 3 अगस्त से नहीं मिलेगा स्टोरीज डालने का फीचर

ट्विटर Fleets को बंद कर रहा है. यह फीचर इंस्टाग्राम स्टोरीज की तरह काम करता है.

Twitter announced to close its feature fleets from 3rd august

Gone too soon? Twitter pulls the plug on Fleets less than a year after launch

The company, however, added that it would use its learning from Fleets and focus on creating other ways in which people would be able to join the conversation.

India accounted for highest number of govt requests for account info in July-December 2020: Twitter

India also ranked second in terms of volume of legal demands for content removal after Japan, Twitter said in a blog that provided an update to its transparency report.


Zomato IPO witty tweets: Founder Deepinder Goyal stress eating; company posts meme one-liners

Zomato founder Deepinder Goyal could not hide his excitement, as investors rapidly subscribe to the food delivery giant’s IPO on the first day of bidding.

Zomato IPO

Twitter ने विनय प्रकाश को रेजिडेंट ग्रीवांस ऑफिसर किया नामित, कप्लायंस रिपोर्ट भी पब्लिश की

ट्विटर ने भारत के लिए विनय प्रकाश को रेजिडेंट ग्रीवांस ऑफिसर के तौर पर नामित किया है.

twitter named vinay prakash as resident grievance officer

Twitter names Vinay Prakash as Resident Grievance Officer for India

On July 8, Twitter had informed the Delhi High Court that it has appointed an interim chief compliance officer, who is a resident of India, and that it will make an endeavour to fill the regular position within eight weeks as

Twitter debunks myths about why your account is not getting verified

Twitter recently relaunched its "blue tick" verification process with a new set of rules and guidelines more catered to 2021.

Twitter, Twitter verification, Twitter blue tick, Twitter how to go blue tick, Twitter policy, Twitter Space

Twitter को दिल्ली हाईकोर्ट का निर्देश, बताएं कब तक होगी नए नियमों के तहत शिकायत अधिकारी की नियुक्ति, 8 जुलाई तक मांगा जवाब

दिल्ली हाईकोर्ट ने ट्विटर से पूछा, नए आईटी नियमों के तहत रेजिडेंट ग्रीवांस ऑफिसर (RGO) की

delhi high court directs twitter to inform when will it appoint grievance officer as per new IT rules

If you invoke US copyright act, then be cognisant of Indian laws as well: Ravi Shankar Prasad on Twitter row

Twitter has still not complied with the new IT rules for social media companies. The rules mandate social media companies to establish a grievance redressal mechanism for resolving complaints from the users or victims.

Note, Prasad is not incorrect that Twitter acted in disregard of Rule 4(8), but one wonders why his own ministry does not provide these procedural safeguards when it disables access to information.

Twitter says it saw 600% increase in daily average tweets around COVID-19 during India’s second wave of coronavirus

Hashtags and conversations around mental health also continued to be important, as such posts increased by 153%.

भारत में ट्विटर के शिकायत अधिकारी ने छोड़ा पद, नए आईटी नियमों के तहत हुई थी नियुक्ति

ट्विटर ने अब इंटरमीडियरी के तौर पर कानूनी संरक्षण का हक खो दिया है और अब इस प्लेटफॉर्म

The HC is scheduled to hear the matter on July 6.

Twitter interim grievance officer for India quits

Twitter now displays the company's name in the place of grievance officer for India with a US address and an email ID.

Twitter interim grievance officer for India quits

Twitter must explain to House Panel: Shashi Tharoor on Ravi Shankar Prasad’s account getting blocked

Getting a notice from a UK-based organisation, citing Twitter's role as a service provider under a US law, points to the challenges of Twitter India's operations in India, Tharoor said.

Twitter, twitter news, Twitter latest, twitter updates, ravi Shankar Prasad; Shashi Tharoor

Twitter ने रविशंकर प्रसाद का एकाउंट करीब एक घंटे तक ब्लॉक किया, सोशल मीडिया प्लेटफॉर्म पर भड़के केंद्रीय मंत्री

केंद्रीय मंत्री रविशंकर प्रसाद ने ट्विटर पर लगाया जानबूझकर ऐसा करने का आरोप, एकाउंट ब

Twitter starts testing content monetisation features for users with Ticketed Spaces, Super Follows

Twitter: This development comes shortly after Twitter released a subscription-based monetisation service for itself, called Twitter Blue.

Don’t lecture India on freedom of speech, democracy: Ravi Shankar Prasad to social media firms

The Central government recently withdrew Twitter's 'intermediary platform' status due to non-compliance with new IT rules.

Don't lecture India on freedom of speech, democracy: Ravi Shankar Prasad to social media firms

IT rules: Twitter deliberately chose the path of defiance, says IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad

Prasad said that the rule of law is the bedrock of Indian society and India’s commitment to the constitutional guarantee of freedom of speech was yet again reaffirmed at the G7 summit.

It is pertinent to mention here that an FIR has been filed against Twitter over an incident in UP's Ghaziabad district where an elderly man was allegedly assaulted.

ट्विटर का इंटरमीडियरी स्टेटस छिनने की खबर, एफआईआर भी दर्ज; जानें इस कड़े एक्शन की वजह

फिलहाल सरकार ने आधिकारिक तौर पर तो नहीं कहा है कि ट्विटर ने आईटी एक्ट के सेक्शन 79 की सुर

Twitter ने पंजाबी गायक JazzyB समेत तीन अन्य अकाउंट्स को किया ब्लॉक, भारत सरकार ने की थी कार्रवाई की मांग

माइक्रोब्लॉगिंग प्लेटफॉर्म ट्विटर ने पंजाबी गायक JazzyB, हिप-हॉप कलाकार L-Fresh the Lion और दो अन्य

Twitter blocks JazzyB and three other accounts on request of indian government

Twitter seeks more time from govt to comply with new IT rules

"Twitter has written to Meity seeking more time to comply with the IT rules. It has expressed its intent to comply with the rules but has been unable to do so because of the pandemic," a source told PTI.

Social media platform Twitter

Govt gets tough: Twitter gets final notice to comply with new rules

The government has said though the new rules came into force from May 26, “as gesture of goodwill, Twitter Inc is hereby given one last notice to immediately comply with the rules, failing which the exemption from liability

Even before the new IT rules came into force, the government and Twitter have been at loggerheads over the latter not complying with a direction of removing 'manipulated media' tag from some tweets of BJP leaders on an alleged Congress toolkit used to target the Centre over its Covid-19 handling.
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