Trans-Pacific Partnership

Chinese media slam United States lifting of Vietnam arms embargo 

Chinese state media today slammed the lifting of decades-old US arms embargo against Vietnam, saying the move was aimed at Beijing and calling Barack Obama's assurances to the contrary "a very poor lie".

Chinese media slam United States lifting of Vietnam arms embargo 

Pharmexcil discusses pharma export issues in COA meeting

Ministry to discuss impact of TPP on pharma sector in Jan or Feb In order to increase pharmaceutical exports and resolve various issues related to declining exports, the Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council of India (Phar

How the TPP will affect global automotive trade

Free trade agreements are essential for a smooth functioning of the global economy, but there have been no new major global agreements since 1994.

MSF responds to new leak of Trans-Pacific Partnership text on intellectual property for pharmaceuticals

A preliminary review of the leaked text confirms that provisions that will harm access to medicines, primarily being proposed by the US and Japan, remain in the text Following last week’s round of negotiations on the Trans-


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