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सितंबर में भारत का व्यापार घाटा कम होकर रहा 2.72 अरब डॉलर, एक्सपोर्ट 6% बढ़ा

यह जानकारी गुरुवार को जारी सरकारी आंकड़ों से मिली है.

India exports rise 6 pc to 27.58 bn dollar in September, trade deficit in September was USD 2.72 billion

देश का निर्यात लगातार 6 माह की गिरावट के बाद सितंबर में 5.27% बढ़ा, सोने का आयात 52.85% गिरा

सितंबर के दौरान व्यापार घाटा कम होकर 2.91 अरब डॉलर पर आ गया.

Exports rise 5.27 pc in Sep 20

एक्सपोर्ट में लगातार 6ठें माह गिरावट, अगस्त में व्यापार घाटा कम होकर 6.77 अरब डॉलर

जुलाई में निर्यात 10.21 फीसदी और जून में 12.41 फीसदी गिरा था.

Exports fall 12.66 pc in August; trade deficit narrows to USD 6.77 billion

अप्रैल-जुलाई में व्यापार घाटा कम होकर 13.95 अरब डॉलर, गोल्ड इंपोर्ट 81% गिरा

2019-20 की अप्रैल-जुलाई अवधि में सोने का आयात 13.16 अरब डॉलर (लगभग 91,440 करोड़ रु) का रहा था.

India's trade deficit narrowed to USD 13.95 billion during April-July 2020, Gold imports dip 81 pc due to a significant fall in demand in the wake of COVID-19

मार्च में व्यापार घाटे के मोर्चे पर राहत, कम होकर आया 9.76 अरब डॉलर पर; निर्यात को 34.57% का झटका

वित्त वर्ष 2019-20 के दौरान देश का निर्यात 4.78 फीसदी गिरकर 314.31 अरब डॉलर पर आ गया.

India's Trade deficit narrowed to USD 9.76 billion in march this year, Exports dip by 34.57 pc

दिसंबर में व्यापार घाटा कम होकर 11.25 अरब डॉलर पर, निर्यात लगातार 5वें माह गिरा

देश का निर्यात दिसंबर महीने में 1.8 फीसदी घटकर 27.36 अरब डॉलर पर आ गया.

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March trade deficit narrows to $5.07 bn, says govt

India's trade deficit narrowed for the third straight month in March to $5.07 billion, as imports shrank at a faster pace than exports, data showed on Monday.

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Exports dip 17.5% to $21.35 bn in Oct

With contraction in all but ten of the 30 major commodities, India’s merchandise exports have fallen a steep 17.5% annually to $21.35 billion in October...

Exports still in low gear, drop 17.5 pct in October

Contracting for the 11th month in a row, India's merchandise exports fell 17.53 per cent in October to USD 21.35 billion, mainly due to a steep fall in shipments of petroleum products...

Trade deficit

Shippers seek sops as exports fall

India’s merchandise exports have fallen a steep 21% annually to $21.3 billion in August...

Indian exports

India’s export declines in August for ninth month in a row

India's export declined in August for the ninth straight month as some of its major markets imported less due to lower demand...


Exports fall 10.3% in July, trade deficit widens

India's exports fell by 10.3% to $23.1 billion in July, their eighth consecutive month of contraction, reflecting the sluggish global commodity prices, especially of petroleum products, rice, iron ore, oil meal and leather pr

United States trade deficit widens on fall in exports

The U.S. trade deficit widened in May, fueled by a drop in exports that could heighten concerns over weak overseas demand and a strong U.S. dollar.

Column: Tackling the exports headwinds

Ensure a broad-based exports growth momentum and focus on manufacturing’s competitiveness

India turning to services to bridge widening trade deficit with China

Outdone by China in the manufacturing sector, India is turning to the services sector to bridge the growing trade deficit between the two nations.

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India’s trade deficit at 11-month low

Trade deficit in the April-January period of this fiscal stood at $118 billion.

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