Tesla aims to increase its long haul electric trucks’ range to 320-480 km on one charge

The entrepreneur has tantalized the trucking industry with the prospect of a battery-powered heavy-duty vehicle that can compete with conventional diesel, which can travel up to 1,000 miles on a single tank of fuel.

Govt owned EESL floats tender to procure 10,000 electric cars

Piyush Goyal had earlier said "Hybrids reduce fuel consumption a little bit but the future is all electric cars. I had also recommended to the finance minister that it is not advisable for an intermediate technology which red

Tesla’s self-driving tech for trucks is as awesome as its cars, unveil in September

Tesla has been a leader in developing self-driving technology for its luxury cars, including the lower-priced Model 3, which it is beginning to manufacture.

Donald Trump’s obsession and potential threat to auto-industry ends up securing jobs in USA

With Toyota Motor Corp and Mazda announcing fresh investments worth $1.6 billion, its good news for President Donald Trump who came to office on the back of promises to bring back manufacturing jobs.

Tesla owners clock over 1000 kms on a single charge, sets new record

Elon Musk too congratulated the club and tweeted “Officially verified as the first production electric car to exceed 1000km on a single charge,” the Tesla founder wrote. “Congratulations Tesla Owners Italia!!”

Tesla’s crossover to be based on the stunning Model 3: Expect an interior with no buttons at all!

Ditching the original idea of developing a new platform, Elon Musk has announced that the new cross-over will be based on the Model 3’s production ready one

Tesla Model 3: Elon Musk’s first bet on mass market cars

Tesla has suffered production problems with its Model S and Model X for a short duration earlier this year. However, the simple design of Tesla Model 3 has the potential to reduce any major problem in the assembly-line.

Tesla commences Model 3 deliveries in U.S, will come to India soon

The new Model 3 is five-seater sedan positioned below the Tesla Model S in the line-up. All variants of the Model 3 features high-speed charging of about 20 to 30 minutes to give a driving range of about 346 km on a single fu

Tesla Model 3

Elon Musk’s Boring car elevator that is anything but boring

Elon Musk's ambitious project will reduce the time taken to travel from New York to Washington DC to 29 minutes.

Tesla now needs to ‘Make in India’ to sell cars here as Government says no to imported electric cars

Tesla and other electric manufacturers will not be allowed to import their cars, and driver-less cars have been taken off the table completely,

Tesla reveal details on the Model 3

Chinese automaker BYD now targets Tesla with US expansion plans

BYD (Build Your Dreams), a Chinese company, is rising as a company that is actively backing US President Donald Trump's 'Made in America' initiative

Bosch Mobility Experience: Not driving and not owning cars is the future of mobility

The future of mobility and transportation is going to be vastly different from the present but will be a mix of disappointment and joy. Here's why. We got a chance to sample the future of mobility recently and here's a glimps

Demand for driver assistance systems on the rise: Bosch

Bosch delivers advanced safety systems to all of the world's largest automotive companies as well as start-up carmakers.

Elon Musk extends gratitude to Tesla customers as Model 3 launch closes in

Tesla will hold a Model 3 ‘handover party’ or a launch event on 28th July. The first 30 invite-only customers will be handed keys to their brand new Model 3

Paris Climate deal, Tesla, Elon Musk, Donald Trump, G7

Tesla Model 3 gets approval for production, India launch next year

Tesla's previous launches for its Model S sedan and Model X sports utility vehicle were hit by production delays and initial quality issues.

Tesla reveal details on the Model 3

Autonomous cars: Volvo, Autoliv and Nvidia partner for self-driving technology

Nvidia's Drive PX artificial intelligence platform is used by Tesla in its Models S and X and upcoming Model 3 electric vehicles.

Tesla better look out as Volvo Polestar plans to go fully electric!

Volvo have decided to also move towards a future of electric-only performance machines

Audi just trolled Tesla and Elon Musk and it’s epic!

Tesla Model 3 is set to go into production next month, and hence the timing of the mild joke seems timely

Tesla planning to set up plant in India, urges government to reduce import duty

Musk made the statement in reply to a question from a Twitterati, as to when will Tesla launch in India

Toyota end partnership with Tesla, to focus on developing their own electric car

Toyota ends seven year partnership with Tesla, saying that they will redirect resources towards their own green mobility development.

Tesla reveal details on the Model 3

Tesla unveil their mass market offering but chose to do it by showcasing how much worse it is than the existing Model S

Tesla reveal details on the Model 3

Tesla Model S breaks crash test record and the test machine

Tesla comes out of a week of bad fire rumours, with a record breaking performance in the NHTSA crash test.

Video: Elon Musk’s futuristic vision on an underground road system

The multilayer road system would involve a trolley that would take the car under the ground and then transport it to another point in the city

Elon Musk commits 100MW battery storage farm to Australian state for free if not built within 100 days!

Last year, Tesla built a 80MW battery farm in California within 90 days

Tesla to enter Indian market soon in 2017, just don’t expect the fancy Autopilot system

Tesla could soon debut its kickstart its operations in India with the sales of the Model 3 and possibly with local manufacturing of batteries too.

Tesla to enter Indian market soon in 2017, just don't expect the fancy Autopilot system
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