Jeff Bezos becomes world’s richest person again as Elon Musk fortune falls with Tesla share price

Tesla chief Elon Musk’s net worth now stands at $190 billion while that of Jeff Bezos is at $191 billion.

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If you invested in Tesla or S&P 500, you now hold Bitcoin too, whether you like it or not

Tesla’s famed CEO Elon Musk invested a staggering $1.5 billion of the company’s money into buying Bitcoin.

Elon Musk, Tesla, Bitcoin

Tesla ने Bitcoin में 1.5 अरब डॉलर का किया निवेश, जल्द पेमेंट के तौर पर करेगा मंजूर

टेस्ला (Tesla) ने बिटक्वॉइन (Bitcoin) में करीब 1.5 अरब डॉलर का अधिग्रहण किया है.

Tesla buys 1.5 billion dollar in Bitcoin will also accept as payments soon

Elon Musk, Chamath tweets send GameStop shares skyrocketing; short-sellers foxed

Tweets from Elon Musk and Chamath Palihapitiya seem to have propelled NYSE listed video game retailer, GameStop to new highs during Tuesday’s trading session.

Elon Musk, Tesla, Gamestop

Elon Musk to offer $100 million prize for ‘best’ carbon capture tech

Musk, who co-founded and sold Internet payments company PayPal Holdings Inc, now leads some of the most futuristic companies in the world.

This kind of ‘popularity capital’ has allowed Musk to drive up Signal usage amid WhatsApp changing privacy rules—bear in mind, Musk doesn’t see eye to eye on most things with Mark Zuckerberg, whose Facebook owns WhatsApp.

Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix underperform NASDAQ in first trading week of 2021

The spotlight for the week was on Elon Musk’s Tesla. Shares of the electric car manufacturer surged 22% during the last 5 trading sessions to sit at $880.02 per share.

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Tesla market value crosses $800 billion for the first time

Tesla shares: In the previous session, its market value crossed $774 billion, making Tesla Wall Street’s fifth most valuable company, just behind Google-parent Alphabet Inc and ahead of social media giant Facebook Inc.

Tesla market value crosses $800 billion for the first time Elon Musk

Facebook, Amazon, Tesla stocks outperformed NASDAQ in last week of 2020, Apple shares tumbled

The big tech names such as Facebook, Apple, Google, Tesla, among others enjoyed a phenomenal 2020, where the likes of Tesla gained a whopping 681% while others recorded average gains of over 50%.

US Stocks, Wall Street, COVID-19

Tesla ने 2020 में की 4.99 लाख इलेक्ट्रिक कारों की डिलीवरी, बिक्री में 36% का इजाफा

हालांकि Tesla पांच लाख वाहनों की डिलीवरी के वार्षिक लक्ष्य से केवल 500 यूनिट पीछे रह गयी.

Tesla annual sales up 36 pc in 2020, tesla delivers over 4.99 lakh electric cars in 2020

Tesla to start selling cars in India early next year, Nitin Gadkari confirms Elon Musk’s arrival

Nitin Gadkari told The Indian Express Idea exchange programme that Tesla would begin operation in India next year.

tesla elon musk car collection images

Apple को Musk ने दिया था टेस्ला खरीदने का ऑफर, टिम कुक ने मीटिंग से किया मना

एप्पल ने कुछ समय पहले एलन मस्क के साथ मीटिंग कर लिया होता तो वह इलेक्ट्रिक कार के सेग्म

elon musk tweeted apple ceo tim cook did not take meeting about buying tesla after coming news apple planning to produce electric car

Meet brain coach hired by Tesla, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and his three tips to speed up memory

The brain coach said that Musk hired him after they bonded over science fiction books like Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Series and Lord of the Rings.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk

Elon Musk keeps his Twitter promise, splits Tesla stock to attract more retail investors

Elon Musk’s Tesla will split its shares after the stock surged 500% in the 12 months, making it the world's most valuable automaker.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk

एलन मस्क ने जेफ बेजोस को फिर बुलाया ‘कॉपी कैट’, ये है वजह

टेस्ला सीईओ एलन मस्क ने अमेजन के सीईओ जेफ बेजोस को एक बार फिर कॉपी कैट बुलाया है.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk

Haste makes waste for Tesla Model 3 as quality suffers

Quality checks have routinely revealed defects in more than 90 percent of Model S and Model X vehicles inspected after assembly, these individuals said, citing figures from Tesla's internal tracking system as recently as Octo

Tesla CEO Elon Musk delivers on promise, world’s biggest battery ready in less than 100 days

Tesla Powerpacks have been installed and connected at Neoen's Hornsdale windfarm, north of Adelaide, and battery tests will be run to ensure local regulatory requirements are met.

Elon Musk, Tesla Inc., Australian, South Australia, Musk

Tesla losing more than Rs five lakh every minute amid Model 3 woes

Tesla shares rose almost 3 percent to $317.81 Tuesday, giving it a market capitalization of $53 billion. Ford Motor Co. is worth $48 billion.

TVS Group takes first step towards electric era with Tesla: Here’s how

Electric vehicles had so far only been a supplement to the auto-component company but slowly and steadily plans to move on to electric powered vehicles.

“Tesla is not our enemy and not our role model”: Toyota

Uchiyamada said that Toyota was working on a new type of solid-state battery that is able to store more power and can be recharged much more quickly than current types

Tesla’s Roadster is a convertible that accelerates faster than an F1 car: Here’s everything you need to know!

While it looks friggin' fantastic, Musk had some insane specs about the new sports car. For starters, the new Roadster will accelerate from 0-100 in 1.9 seconds!

Elon Musk resorts to sleeping in factory to help Tesla gain momentum again

"I always move my desk to wherever -- I don’t really have a desk actually -- I move myself to wherever the biggest problem is in Tesla," Musk said.

Tesla continues to struggle with Model 3 production; Posts biggest-ever quarterly loss

Tesla says that it plans to produce about 10% fewer Model S and Model X in Q4 compared to Q3 because of the reallocation of some of the manufacturing workforce towards Tesla Model 3 production.

Tesla fires hundreds of employees citing performance issues

The dismissals were a result of a company-wide annual review, Tesla said in an emailed statement, without confirming the number of employees leaving the company.

Tesla Model 3
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