Bombers kill eight outside shrine near Syrian capital

A double bomb attack outside a Shiite shrine near Syria's capital killed at least eight people today, in the latest in repeated deadly strikes on the revered site, state media said.

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US says Bashar al-Assad forces bombed town after aid delivered

Assad had allowed the convoy in to the town at all was "positive, but only a partial delivery and we would call for the rest of the supplies to be delivered as as soon as possible."

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United States man imprisoned for violating Syria sanctions

A California man was sentenced to 32 months in prison for conspiring to skirt US sanctions against Syria by sending tactical military equipment to jihadists in the war-torn country.

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US condemns IS attacks in and around Baghdad

The latest attacks in and around the Iraqi capital of Baghdad that killed at least 31 people and wounded dozens.

Food aid enters Syria’s besieged Daraya: Red Crescent

A food aid convoy has entered the Syrian town of Daraya, the first delivery since the start of the siege there by the Damascus regime in 2012, a Red Crescent official has said.


Turkey: 18 IS militants killed in strikes in northern Syria

Anadolu Agency, quoting unnamed security officials, said Thursday that the IS targets were attacked after Turkish authorities on Wednesday determined that the extremist group was preparing to strike Turkey from northern Syria

Syrians flee IS-held town as US-backed group approaches

Nasser Haj Mansour said the IS group was allowing families to flee the town to nearby Jarablus and al-Bab. Some civilians fled to liberated villages and to the advancing forces, the adviser told the AP by messaging service f

Islamic State hits back against Syrian army after advance

The Observatory reported on Saturday that the Syrian army, backed by Russian air strikes, had advanced across the provincial boundary into Raqqa province, a stronghold for IS and the location of its capital, Raqqa city.

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Turkey shells Islamic State in Syria west of US backed assault

The Turkish army killed five Islamic State militants in Syria in cross-border shelling, Turkish military sources said on Thursday, hitting positions west of where an offensive on militants was launched by Syrian fighters with

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Islamic State on the defensive, territory shrinking in Syria and Iraq: US

Islamic State has not gained significant ground since it took the Iraqi city of Ramadi a year ago, which it then lost in December, as the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq and Syria has been helped by better intelligence and better

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Hezbollah announces death of top military commander in Syria

Hezbollah today announced the death of its military commander in Syria, Mustafa Badreddine.

Syrian army battles jihadists near Palmyra

Syrian regime forces have battled jihadists who cut a key supply route west of ancient Palmyra, after new bombardments hit Aleppo city where a ceasefire was due to expire at midnight.

Turkey kills almost 900 ISIS members in Syria raids: Report

Turkey has in recent months cracked down on alleged IS sleeper cells throughout the country.

ISIS militants

Russia urged to halt air campaign against Syria’s opposition forces

US President Barack Obama on Sunday urged Russia to play a constructive role in Syria by halting its air campaign against so-called Syria's moderate opposition forces.

Riyadh says ready to send troops to Syria to fight Islamic State

A Saudi general said on Thursday that his country is ready to participate in ground operations in Syria to against fight Islamic State (IS) terrorists.

Syria: 76 killed in Damascus triple bombing, Islamic State stakes claim

Islamic State terror group on Sunday claimed responsibility for three deadly bombings that rocked a Shiite district south of the Syrian capital Damascus earlier in the day killing over 76 people.

Russia strikes Syrian rebels near Turkey borders

Russian airstrikes targeted rebel-bound weapon shipment entering Syria from Turkey as the Syrian military was making progress against the militant groups close to the Turkish borders.

Japan accepts 27 refugees last year, rejects 99%: Govt

Japan accepted only 27 refugees last year and rejected almost all applications, officials said today, as rights groups urged the government to allow more people in.

Eight more civilians killed in 2015 anti-IS strikes: US

Eight civilians were killed and three others injured in a series of US air strikes carried out from April to July last year against Islamic State targets in Iraq and Syria, the US military said today.

Islamic State issues new bizarre ruling on ‘female sex slave owners’

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has issued a ruling detailing when owners of women, enslaved by jihadis, can have sex with them.

Top Syrian rebel leader Zahran Alloush killed in eastern suburbs of Damascus

A top Syrian rebel leader and head of the most powerful insurgent group in the eastern suburbs of Damascus was killed in an aerial raid that targeted the group's headquarters.

Syria group discussing ‘terror’ blacklist: Jordan

Speaking on the sidelines of the International Syria Support Group talks, Jordan's foreign minister Nasser Judeh said his country had coordinated the creation of the list.

US coalition airstrike targets Syrian army for first time

US coalition airplanes struck positions of the Syrian army in the country's eastern province late Sunday, local media reported.

‘Panicked’ Islamic State moving HQ to Libya as Syrian stronghold pounded by air strikes

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorists are setting up new headquarters along Libya's Mediterranean coast after their Syrian stronghold in Raqqa was pounded by air strikes from the West.

‘Specialized’ US troops to fight IS in Iraq: Defense chief

The United States is deploying "specialized" troops in Iraq to fight the Islamic State group, including by leading raids against the jihadists over the border in Syria, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said today.

In unexpected twist, Assad ally may be Lebanon’s next president

Lebanon's political crisis has taken a dramatic turn with the possibility that a friend of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad could become president in a power-sharing deal aimed at breathing life back into the paralysed state.

France strikes Islamic State in Syria from newly-deployed carrier

France bombarded Islamic State targets in Syria from jets from the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier newly deployed in the eastern Mediterranean, hours after announcing similar strikes in Iraq.

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