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Apple turns 45: Tim Cook remembers Steve Jobs, asks employees to rededicate themselves to creating transformative products

Cook thanked all employees for their contributions, cheering for the next 45 years and more to come for the company.

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BMW Z8 owned by Steve Jobs goes up on auction; Here’s why it’s still a good buy

The 2000 BMW Z8 convertible roadster owned by Apple's Steve Job is expected to sell for up to USD 400,000.

Atari founder Nolan Bushnell tags Steve Jobs as ‘problematic employee’

Nolan Bushnell, the man who famously founded legendary developer and publisher Atari in 1972, has recently revealed that Steve Jobs was a problematic employee.

Danny Boyle says selling ‘Steve Jobs’ tough after box office collections crawl to $7.1 mn

Danny Boyle admits ''Steve Jobs'' is a hard sell. The film about the Apple co-founder got disappointing figures when it opened across the U.S., taking only $7.1 million on wide release despite critical acclaim and two success

‘Steve Jobs’ box-office stumble may hurt Oscar chances

It takes more than a big box-office to win an Oscar, but dreary audience numbers for the new movie about late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has awards watchers wondering if it can effectively compete for the entertainment indus

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‘Steve Jobs’ an engaging portrait, ex-Apple CEO John Sculley says

In the 4 years since his death, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has emerged as one of Hollywood's favorite subjects, though his brilliant but testy persona has proved tough to capture.

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What’s up with America’s obsession with Steve Jobs

A new paper, exploring America's obsession with stories about celebrity CEO's like Steve Jobs, has suggested that it says more about our culture than the man.

Steve Jobs plays dual role of hero, villain in the movies

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs became renowned for conjuring a ''reality distortion field'' that made people believe whatever he wanted...

Steve Jobs’ widow ‘begged’ Leonardo Di Caprio, Christian Bale not to take Apple CEO biopic role

It has been revealed that Steve Jobs' widow, Laurene Jobs, called Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale and begged them to stay away from the upcoming biopic about the controversial Apple CEO.

Film Review: ‘Steve Jobs’ plays man versus machine

Movie review: Steve Jobs; In the behind-the-scenes swirl, Jobs (Michael Fassbender) is visited each time by ghosts of products past: Apple engineer Steve Wozniak (Seth Rogen), Apple CEO John Sculley (Jeff Daniels), and Jobs'

Fassbender jokes he ‘studied Ashton Kutcher’ for ‘Steve Jobs’

Michael Fassbender stars in the titular role as Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in the upcoming biopic and the actor has joked he studied Ashton Kutcher to prepare for the character.

Kate Winslet struggled with ‘ridiculous’ 12-hour shifts in ‘Steve Jobs’

Kate Winslet struggled with the long hectic hours which she had to put in while shooting the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic.

Kate Winslet has ‘no reservations’ about ‘Steve Jobs’ movie

There are so many reasons for Kate Winslet to feel great about the new ''Steve Jobs'' movie that it doesn't matter that critics panned the 2013 film ''Jobs,'' which was also about the Apple Computer co-founder.

Apple co founder Steve Jobs movie wins reviewer praise, Oscar hopes

A weekend screening of "Steve Jobs," a biopic about Apple Inc's famous co-founder, drew high praise from some reviewers and suggestions that actor Michael Fassbender could be an Oscar contender for his portrayal of Jobs.

Apple computer hand-built by Steve Jobs to fetch 330,000 pounds

One of the very first Apple computers hand-built by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in a garage almost 40 years ago is set to fetch up to 330,000 pounds when it goes under the hammer here.

Steve Jobs opera in production

An opera based on the life of Apple Founder Steve Jobs is in the works.

Santa Fe Opera to commission production on Steve Jobs

Since his death in 2011, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has been the subject of documentaries, books, a film and even a graphic novel.

‘Steve Jobs’ starring Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet to screen at New York Film Festival

"Steve Jobs", the new film about the Apple co-founder written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by Danny Boyle, will be screened at the New York Film Festival on October 3 as the fest's Centerpiece selection.

Hot reads: Becoming Steve Jobs, Amish Tripathi’s Scion of Ikshvaku, Raghav Bahl’s Super economies, more

Whether you plan to travel this summer or just laze around at home, here is a selection of latest titles that are guaranteed to keep you engaged

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Wait and Watch

The real test of the Apple Watch is whether it can live up to Steve Jobs’s legacy

Production of movie on Apple Inc co-founder ‘Steve Jobs’ begins

The biopic on Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, directed by Danny Boyle with script by Aaron Sorki...

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Entrepreneurship skills required for 2015

What is Entrepreneurship? It is the ability to flourish, organize, and command a business model involved with risks in order to a get a profit...

In emails, Steve Jobs determined to keep iPod Apple-only

Legendary Apple CEO Steve Jobs had seven words for a subordinate when he learned that a rival company...

Jurors to hear Steve Jobs testimony at Apple trial

A billion-dollar class-action lawsuit over Apple's iPod music players heads to trial tomorrow in a California...

Editorial: Dressing For Success

Different professions favour distinct sartorial styles, but keeping it casual has its advantages

Christian Bale quits Steve Jobs biopic?

Christian Bale has reportedly opted out of the new untitled Steve Jobs biopic.....

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