High-fat, low protein diet may hamper sperm quality

A person's diet can greatly impact his sperm's quality leading to harmful gene mutation in his children, scientists including an Indian-origin researcher have discovered.

Mice have longer sperm than elephants: Top 5 reasons why

Did you know that the sperm of a mouse are longer than that of an elephant? Scientists now have an explanation for it. "The sperm of rodents is at least twice as long as sperm of large mammals like primates, tigers, and even

Teenagers sperm can get damaged through pesticides exposure

Adolescent exposure to organochlorine pesticides such as DDT may lead to defective sperm and consequently fertility problems later in life, says a study.

This common chemical’s exposure lowers sperm motility

As per a recent study, men with higher exposure to the substance DEHP, a so-called phthalate, have lower sperm motility and may therefore experience more difficulties conceiving children.

Human sperm grown in lab

A team of scientists has found a way of creating sperm from the stem cells of infertile men.

‘Genetic switch’ determines whether germ cells become sperm or eggs

'Genetic switch': Scientists have found a gene switch that controls whether germ cells eventually become sperm or eggs.

New technology to select healthiest sperm to boost IVF

Researchers are adapting a new technology to select the healthiest and best swimming sperm from a sample of semen...

Stem cells used to create artificial sperm and egg

Researchers, led by an Indian-origin scientist, have for the first time used human embryonic stem cells to create primordial germ cells that give rise to egg and sperm.

Sparks fly when egg meets sperm: Study

Sparks fly when an egg meets sperm, according to a new study which found that the fertilised mammalian egg releases from its surface billions of zinc atoms that create tiny 'zinc sparks'.

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