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Jeremy Clarkson says driverless cars are dangerous: Here’s why; the reason seems somewhat convincing

Jeremy Clarkson's statement comes just before Chancellor Philip Hammond is about to allow the new technology to be tested on UK roads, and has a goal to see autonomous cars on British roads by 2021.

Uber to get 24,000 self-driving cars from Volvo Cars; Deal worth $300 million

Automakers, ride-hailing firms and tech startups have been forging loose alliances in an effort to advance self-driving technology and claim a piece of what is expected to be a multi-billion-dollar business.

Self-driving shuttle crashes within two hours of launch, here’s why it failed

NASCAR driver Danica Patrick and magic duo Penn and Teller were among the first passengers. The crash happened in front of cameras and celebrities, but there's nothing to be embarrassed about.

Google stops development of auto pilot features that require drivers to take control

The decision followed experiments of the technology in Silicon Valley that showed test users napping, putting on makeup and fiddling with their phones as the vehicles travelled up to 56 mph

Google Waymo showcases its progress in self-driving cars with a field test

Waymo, hatched from a Google project started eight years ago, showed off its progress Monday at a closely guarded testing facility.

Samsung Cars: Mobile giant enters the self-driving cars race

A California Department of Motor Vehicles website today showed that the South Korean consumer technology giant's name had been added to a list of more than three dozen companies with permits to test self-driving cars in the

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Google now builds a fake city to test autonomous cars

The challenge here is that the algorithm used in the self-driving car has to respond the same way a human driver would do while driving.

What do people in a self driven car do in their free time? It’s not what you think, Audi reveals

The real problem with a self-driving car is what do you do with a now jobless driver to ensure that he makes the most of his commute time

Watch Video: Volvo Trucks’ self-driving garbage truck that mostly drives in reverse!

Volvo Trucks is teaming up with a Swedish waste management company Renova to develop a self-driving garbage truck which is aimed to boost productivity

Watch video: Dubai Police recruits ‘Robocar’ O-R3 that can identify criminals and charge on its own

OTSAW noted that the bots are not intended to replace the human police officers but to enforce low-level order in the city

Autonomous cars may soon cover up human errors while driving

Researchers asked the participants to drive a car in a typical suburban neighbourhood on a foggy day when they experienced unexpected unavoidable dilemma situations with inanimate objects and animals

Kangaroos confuse Volvo’s self-driving cars! Here’s why

Volvo has come to understand that the hopping of a Kangaroo is confusing its Large Animal Detection system

Meet Stan, a valet robot that will park your car and it doesn’t even need the keys

Car parks tend to have a lot of wasted space in them. You can't double park, there has to be space between for shuffling. This is where comes in Stan.

With Revv’s multi-brand car subscription, you could drive a new car every month

'The user can get started whenever he wants, without worrying about fixed long-term expense, and switch it off whenever he wants.'

Daimler and Bosch to develop driverless cars that will drive to you when called for from your smartphone

The two companies have entered into a development agreement to bring fully automated and driverless driving to urban roads by the beginning of the next decade

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