Forget FAANG; these US internet stocks beat Facebook, Google, Apple, other big tech shares this year

Big tech stocks such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and others have had a decent run so far in 2021 on Wall Street, but a few other technology shares have outperformed the frontline scrips significantly.

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GameStop shares surge on first day of trade as largecap stock, AMC zooms 7% despite not make the cut

Popular memes stock GameStop has gone from a smallcap stock, favoured by short-sellers to a large-cap stock and the newest member of the FTSE Russell 1000 index.

Wall Street, Meme stocks

Robinhood says it temporarily curbed buying of some securities as deposit requirement increased ten-fold

Robinhood's fee-free and simple-to-use app has made it popular with a new generation of small-time traders and its restrictions on Thursday drew a heavy backlash from high-profile politicians and celebrities.

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Reddit change sparks concerns about US government spying

Digital privacy advocates and users of Reddit expressed their alarm on Friday over a change in the forum's transparency report that suggested it may have been asked to give customer data to FBI investigators under a secretive

Ellen Pao resigning as CEO of Reddit

Ellen Pao is resigning as acting chief executive of Reddit amid a swirl of controversy as it deals with the firing of a popular employee and ongoing tensions over the limits of free speech on the social news platform.

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Reddit shuts down five forums over online harassment

Reddit has reportedly shut down five forums as they were being used to harass individuals online.

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