Next Republic Day parade at Central Vista Avenue, to symbolise modern India: Hardeep Singh Puri

Central Vista is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream project aimed at redeveloping the country’s administrative centre.

Central Vista parliament

Parliament panel raises concerns over creating national DNA Bank as proposed under new bill

The DNA Technology (Use and Application) Bill, 2019, seeks to establish a National DNA Data Bank and Regional DNA Data banks to store and maintain the DNA profiles.

Budget Session Live: Transformation possible if intention is right and will is strong, says President Kovind

LIVE: The Budget Session 2021 of Parliament will be held in two parts starting today. The first part is scheduled to conclude on February 15 while the second part will commence on March 8.

Parliament Budget Session Live President Speech Live Ram Nath Kovind address Live

Budget Session 2021 Fact Sheet: From COVID test for MPs to schedule, all you need to know

Since the Budget Session is here and Parliament is going to meet after a break of three months, read on to find out key details announced by Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla.

Budget Session 2021

संसद की कैंटीन में अब सस्ते में नहीं मिलेगा खाना; सब्सिडी खत्म

यह जानकारी लोकसभा अध्यक्ष ओम बिरला ने मंगलवार को दी.

Subsidy on canteen food served in Parliament canteens ends; Prices to go up, Parliament canteens subsidy ends, om birla, loksabha speaker

Central Vista project: Shram Shakti Bhavan, Transport Bhavan to be razed to make way for MP chambers

The development has come after Prime Minister Narendra Modi earlier this month laid the foundation stone for the new building for the Parliament.

central vista redevelopment project

971 करोड़ में बन रहा है नया संसद भवन, 93 साल पुरानी मौजूदा इमारत का क्या होगा?

New Parliament Building Foundation Stone: देश में आज नए संसद भवन की आधारशिला रखी गई.

new Parliament building will be built at 971 crore rupee cost, what will happen to india's old parliment building, new Parliament building foundation stone, PM Modi

New Parliament Building: डिजाइन, खर्च, टाइमिंग से कैपेसिटी तक, नए संसद भवन के बारे में जानें सबकुछ

New Parliament House: कैसा होगा देश का नया संसद भाव, क्या होगी खासियत

New Parliament House

PM मोदी 10 दिसंबर को रखेंगे नए संसद भवन की आधारशिला, निर्माण पर होगा 971 करोड़ का खर्च

प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी 10 दिसंबर को नए संसद भवन के निर्माण के लिए आधारशिला रखेंगे.

PM Modi to lay foundation stone of new parliament building on 10 december 971 crore to be spend on construction

दिसंबर में शुरू होगा संसद की नई इमारत का निर्माण कार्य, अक्टूबर 2022 तक पूरा होने की उम्मीद

संसद की इमारत बदलने वाली है और नई संसदीय इमारत का निर्माण इस साल दिसंबर में शुरू होने ज

construction of new parliament building to start in december will complete by october 2022

लोकसभा में बैंकिंग रेगुलेशन संशोधन विधेयक पारित, RBI की देखरेख में आएंगे सहकारी बैंक

वित्त मंत्री निर्मला सीतारमण ने कहा कि हम इस संशोधन को जमाकर्ताओं को प्रोटेक्ट करने क

Lok Sabha passes Banking Regulation (Amendment) Bill that seeks to bring cooperative banks under the supervision of RBI

Winter session of Parliament from Monday; government set to push Citizenship bill

Besides the passage of the Citizenship (amendment) bill, the government also plans to convert two crucial ordinances into law during the session.

The Winter session will conclude on December 13. (File image)

Upper caste reservation Bill: Why this constitutional amendment will not require ratification by state assemblies

Unlike the constitutional amendment bill that paved way for a common goods and service tax across the country, this bill will not require ratification of half the state assemblies, a factor that makes it a lot easier for the

Winter Session 2018: Today in Rajya Sabha

Today, the Rajya Sabha will take up ten bills including a constitutional bill to provide 10% quota for to the candidates from economically weaker sections of the society.

Lok Sabha elections 2019: CPI(M) rules out pre-poll alliance of opposition parties, says third front a BJP-sponsored idea

In an exclusive conversation with Financial Express Online, Communist Party of India (Marxist) Politburo member Nilotpal Basu reveals how the party plans to counter both the BJP as well as Trinamool Congress.

Pakistan expresses ‘concern’ to UN over bill on Kashmir map

Pakistan today said it has expressed "serious concern" to the UN over a draft bill in the Indian Parliament over the map of Kashmir and called upon the world body to uphold its resolutions and urge India to stop such acts whi

Indo-Pak talks, US. India, Counterterrorism

Rajya Sabha sets record, passes 5 bills in few hours

In a record of sorts, five bills were passed in the Rajya Sabha today, which has been under attack for delaying in the passage of key legislation.

Do ‘yagya’ for rains, BJP member advises MPs in Lok Sabha

Organise yagyas for rains. This was the suggestion offered today by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) member Virendra Singh to fellow Parliamentarians in the Lok Sabha as a means to mitigate the drought situation.

Uttarakhand, Enemy Property Act likely to dominate parliament proceedings

The proposed discussion on the 2016-17 Uttarakhand budget and the Enemy Property Bill are likely to generate much heat between the treasury and opposition benches in both houses of parliament during the coming week.

rajya sabha
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