Odd Even Formula

Odd-Even Scheme: Delhi’s data deficit

The state government deems the last odd-even initiative a success but can we solve the pollution problem in the absence of reliable data?

Odd-even Part 2: Schools in session reason for rise in cars, traffic jams, says Delhi govt

The government committee submitted its report to Transport Minster Gopal Rai Wednesday after it surveyed 13,497 students across six schools in the capital.

Supreme Court allows diesel taxis to operate in Delhi & NCR; bans fresh registration of diesel cabs

Supreme Court ruled that diesel taxis with All India Tourist permit will be allowed to operate in Delhi/NCR till their permit expires.

How Delhi’s air fared during the odd even scheme

Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) data shows peak levels of ozone dropped this year at some stations in central Delhi.

Second odd-even scheme ends, Arvind Kejriwal terms it success

The 15-day second phase scheme, which started on April 15, saw fewer traffic tickets compared to the first phase but also more traffic on Delhi roads.

Pollution increased during second phase of odd-even scheme: Study

The second phase of the odd-even scheme, implemented to improve Delhi's air quality, saw a "rise" of nearly 23 per cent in pollution levels compared to the first 15 days of April when the scheme was not in force, an IndiaSpen

Odd even scheme: Landfill fires affected air quality in Delhi, says Gopal Rai

Delhi Transport Minister Gopal Rai on Thursday said recent incidents of fires have contributed to raising air pollution in the city.

Odd-even rule: AAP govt in Delhi launches crackdown against fake CNG car stickers

Odd-even rule: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government in Delhi has launched a drive to check cars with CNG stickers across the national capital following complaints that commuters are using fake markers to avoid being penalised for

Odd-even rule: MPs demand exemption, AAP govt in Delhi refuses

The odd-even rule enforced in Delhi figured in both houses of parliament on Monday -- the first day of the new session -- with members demanding that lawmakers be exempted even as a few MPs violated it inadvertently or simply

Odd-even rule 2.0 in Delhi: New policy to rein in app-based cab companies, says Gopal Rai

Odd-even rule in Delhi: In order to rein in app-based taxi services, Delhi government has decided to introduce a policy under which cab companies will be bound to charge fares to be prescribed by the Transport department.

Prakash Javadekar dubs Arvind Kejriwal’s claim of staying in power for 10-15 years a dream

Kejriwal is said to have "warned" bureaucrats that AAP will be in government in Delhi for another 10-15 years and dismissed as "small measures".

Odd-even rule in Delhi: Inner areas showing less pollution than outer ones, says Gopal Rai

Delhi government claimed that inner areas of the capital have witnessed "less pollution" compared to border areas, where its level has "significantly increased" during the ongoing second phase of odd-even car-rationing scheme

Odd-even rule: National Green Tribunal asks CPCB to monitor pollution level

National Green Tribunal asked the Central Pollution Control Board to independently monitor and record the data of ambient air quality in Delhi during the ongoing second phase of the odd-even rule scheme.

Now, Odd-even rule to impact Delhi Metro, PWD, DJB work

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government in Delhi denied that odd-even car-rationing scheme was causing traffic jams on some city roads, saying it was due to construction and repair work being carried out by Delhi Metro, PWD and

Column: Extended Odd-Even will bring perverse behavioural changes. Consider other methods

Delhi needs to experiment with other methods as well to counter pollution and congestion


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