Nepal Earthquake

Armed with drones, aid workers seek faster response to earthquakes, floods

For weeks after Nepal's worst earthquake in 80 years, the skies above the Himalayan nation vibrated with military helicopters ferrying relief, airplanes bringing in aid workers, and drones.

Earthquake in Nepal: Country has done little to protect itself from next ‘big one’

Earthquake in Nepal: Last year's massive earthquake in Nepal killed nearly 9,000 people, yet could have been much deadlier. It was spared not by disaster preparedness, but by the calendar.

Earthquake in Nepal: 4.7 magnitude quake jolts region 100 km north of Kathmandu; epicentre Sindhupalchowk

Earthquake in Nepal: A moderate magnitude 4.7 quake today hit central Nepal near the border with Tibet. The aftershock was felt at 6:11 pm with its epicentre at Sindhupalchowk district, 100 kms northeast of Kathmandu, accordi

Earthquake in Nepal: Cracks and holes develop in Mt Everest after quake

Earthquake in Nepal: The world tallest mountain, Everest, has developed several cracks and holes due to the devastating April 25, 2015 earthquake, 'ice-fall' doctors who are installing ropes and aluminum ladders from base cam

Nepal earthquake: 4.5 magnitude quake jolts Kathmandu region

Earthquake in Nepal: A mild tremor measuring 4.5 magnitude on the Richter Scale today hit central Nepal as aftershocks from last year's massive earthquake continue to jolt the country.

Earthquake in Nepal: 5.5 magnitude quake forces residents to rush out of homes; over 15 people injured

The quake was epi-centred at Sindhupalchowk district, 55 km, north–east of Kathmandu, according to The National Seismological Centre.

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Nepal earthquake: 4.4 magnitude aftershock jolts Nepal 9 months after Gorkha quake

A mild tremor measuring 4.4 on the Richter Scale jolted eastern Nepal around midnight, in an aftershock of the Gorkha quake that devastated the country nearly nine months ago.

Nepal earthquake: 4.3 magnitude tremor jolts country again

A mild tremor measuring 4.3 on the Richter Scale today hit central Nepal in the early hours.


Chennai floods: Nepal earthquake survivor among hundreds of students rescued

18-year-old Abhik Thapa, a Nepalese student at a private university here, had come to India as one of the lucky survivors of the killer April earthquake and now he is heading back to Kathmandu after having lived through the C

2015 Nepal earthquake was less catastrophic than feared

New study has revealed that the April 2015 earthquake that struck Nepal was less intense than might be expected from a magnitude 7.8 quake in the area.

Two months on, big-hearted Nepal still at the relief stage post quake

Seventy four days after a massive earthquake left 14 of Nepal's 75 districts in a state of devastation, and its inhabitants with a feeling of despair and darkness, its government does not hesitate to admit that the nation is

nepal earthquake

Nepal-Bharat Library in Kathmandu reopens with Poemandu after devastating earthquake

The Indian embassy and B.P. Koirala India-Nepal Foundation organized the 27th edition of Poemandu at the Nepal-Bharat Library.

Aid-dependent Nepal says needs US dollar 6.6 bn for post-earthquake rebuilding

Earthquake-battered Nepal will ask international donors to support a reconstruction plan that is expected to cost $6.6 billion over five years, the government said on Saturday.

Fortis Medics treat over 5000 quake victims in Nepal

Reportedly, the team of doctors and medical care professionals from Fortis Healthcare has treated and vaccinated more than 5000 victims affected by the horrific serial earthquakes that struck Nepal earlier this month. The tea

Nepal Earthquake: 2 fresh tremors of 4-magnitude felt, death toll nears 8,000

Aftershocks continued to rock Nepal with two more mild tremors being felt in central Nepal this morning.

Nepal earthquake today

Unwelcome Relief

Indian media’s coverage of the earthquake in Nepal needs to be sensitive, and not self-congratulatory.

Nepal Earthquake could have been much worse: Here are some reasons why

"If a magnitude 6 or 6.5 quake happens within 20 kilometers of Kathmandu, it's going to be a nightmare," said Sandeep Donald Shah, a structural engineer with Miyamoto International.

Earthquake in nepal

Nepal earthquake death toll rises to 6,624 after a fresh 4.5-magnitude aftershock today

The death toll in Nepal's devastating earthquake today jumped to 6,624 with another 14,025 people injured.

Nepal Earthquake, death toll rises

Earthquake in Nepal casts pall over Gurkha 200th anniversary

Nepalese soldiers in the British army - the Gurkhas - marked the 200th anniversary of their brigade's foundation today.

earthquake in Nepal

Earthquake in Nepal: Death toll passes 6,200, $2 bln needed for reconstruction

Death toll rises past 6,200, almost 14,000 injured in Nepal earthquake.

Death toll earthquake in nepal

Vishwa Hindu Parishad objects to Pakistan sending beef for Nepal relief

There are media reports that Pakistan has sent relief material to Pakistan which has beef and its contents.

Vishva Hindu Parishad on beef

Earthquake in Nepal: Anger and frustration over slow pace of relief efforts

Nearly five days after the earthquake shook the Himalayan nation, international aid workers are still stuck in Kathmandu.

Earthquake in Nepal

Earthquake in Nepal Day 5: Death toll rises to 5,093; Angry protestors clash with police in Kathmandu

Earthquake in Nepal: In another sign of life inching back to normal, banks in Kathmandu opened for few hours Wednesday and stuffed their ATMs with cash

Earthquake in Nepal

Ola enables customer contributions towards earthquake relief in Nepal

Ola is enabling its customers across the country to contribute towards the relief work being undertaken in the region

28 tourists of Mumbai-based tour operator return home from Nepal

In the midst of this tragedy, 28 tourists travelling with Mumbai-based travel tour operator...

Nepal earthquake destroys UNESCO heritage sites

Beyond colossal loss of human lives, if there is anything perhaps equally overwhelming in Nepal’s earthquake tragedy, it is the monumental damage the country’s iconic heritage has suffered due to the calamity

Pashupatinath Temple unharmed in Nepal’s devastating Earthquake

The famous 5th century Pashupatinath Temple here has survived the massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake...

pashupatinath temple nepal earthquake
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