National Pension Scheme

NPS vs APY: एपीवाई और एनपीएस में कौन स्कीम अधिक बेहतर, निवेश से पहले ये बातें जाननी हैं जरूरी

NPS vs APY: रिटायरमेंट के बाद नियमित आय के लिए अटल पेंशन स्कीम और नेशनल पेंशन सिस्टम सरकार की

Atal Pension Yojana Vs National Pension System Things to know before opening APY or NPS account

APY vs NPS: अटल पेंशन योजना और नेशनल पेंशन स्कीम में क्या है अंतर? जानिए आपके लिए क्या है बेहतर

NPS में टियर II खाता एक बचत खाते की तरह काम करता है, जहां से ग्राहक अपनी जरूरत के हिसाब से पै

difference between Atal Pension Yojana and National Pension Scheme

Top recent changes in National Pension System (NPS) every subscriber should know

New National Pension System Rules: NPS is regulated by the PFRDA. By the end of FY22, the total asset under management under the NPS scheme is expected to rise by 30% to Rs 7.5 lakh crore.

nps new rules

New retirement Gratuity payment, calculation rules notified for Central Government Employees; details here

The Central Government recently notified Central Civil Services (Payment of Gratuity under National Pension System) Rules, 2021.

gratuity payment rules

New NPS Premature Exit Rule: On Corpus Above Rs 2.5 lakh, You Will Get Only 20% as Lump Sum!

National Pension System New Premature Exit Rules (2021): This 80:20 rule for premature exit will apply to both the Government and Non-Government sector subscribers of NPS joining between 18-60 years. 

nps new rules

National Pension System: Here’s how much you can withdraw from NPS corpus on retirement

National Pension System (NPS) is one of the most popular tools for financial planning in India. It is a defined contribution scheme regulated by PFRDA.

nps withdrawal

New NPS rules allow equity exposure upto 50% for those joining after 65 years! Check details

National Pension System: The Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) has increased the maximum age of joining the National Pension System (NPS) to 70 years.


National Pension System: LIC, other annuity service providers allowed to handle surrender requests

Under the National Pension System (NPS) rules, the subscribers can exit as per the provisions of PFRDA (Exit and Withdrawal) Regulations


NPS exit and withdrawal: Now, instant bank account verification to ensure timely credit!

National Pension System Exit and Withdrawal Rules: The PFRDA has introduced instant bank account verification through the penny drop method to ensure timely credit of the amount to the bank account

national pension system

National Pension System: Now NPS Lite exit before 25 years allowed if corpus is up to Rs 1 lakh

National Pension System (NPS) Lite Premature Exit Rule: The Pension Fund and Regulatory Development Authority (PFRDA) has made a change to the premature exit rule for the NPS Lite Swablamban scheme subscribers.


National Pension System: Now, wider choice of pension funds in NPS

PFRDA has issued norms for opening ‘on tap’ registration of pension funds on a continuous basis to manage the pension assets of NPS subscribers.

The pension fund will exercise all due diligence and prudence in carrying out its duties and in protecting the rights and interests of the subscribers.

Pension News : पेंशनर्स के लिए खुशखबरी! अब SMS,वॉट्सऐप और ई-मेल पर मिलेगी पेंशन स्लिप

मंत्रालय ने कहा है कि हर महीने की पेंशन स्लिप में पेंशन की रकम और टैक्स डिडक्शन का जिक्

National Pension System: PFRDA board increases age limit for investing in NPS

In India the pension schemes are fragmented and total contribution under various pension schemes has been less than Rs 30 lakh crore with only 12.64 crore beneficiaries.

National Pension System withdrawal: NPS exit can be processed by POPs through soft copies till June 30

National Pension System (NPS) withdrawal rules: The Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) has permitted Points of Purchase (POPs) to process the exit/withdrawal applications of NPS subscribers based on sof

nps new rules

National Pension System: Making changes in PF, scheme setup? CRAs change statement of transaction

National Pension System (NPS): The Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) has notified new NPS functionalities released by Central Record Keeping Agencies

national pension system

Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maandhan: PMSYM pension scheme for low-wage earners loses steam

The PMSYM scheme came into force on February 15, 2019. While presenting the interim Budget for 2019-20, acting finance minister Piyush Goyal had said that at least 10 crore labourers and workers in the unorganised sector woul

A similar scheme, Pradhan Mantri Laghu Vyapari Maan-dhan Yojana, has also seen a meagre 43,751 enrolments since the scheme came into effect from July 22, 2019.

Permanent Retirement Account Number: NPS subscribers don’t need to submit physical application for PRAN

Now, for NPS accounts opened digitally in CRA platform including eNPS, the soft copies of NPS subscribers' applications will continue to be generated by CRAs.

national pension system

National Pension System: अक्टूबर में NPS सब्सक्राइबर्स 23% बढ़े, ऐसे खुलता है अकाउंट

नेशनल पेंशन सिस्टम (NPS) के सब्सक्राइबर्स की संख्या अक्टूबर के आखिर तक 23 फीसदी बढ़कर 3.83 कर

National Pension System, NPS, pension, pfrda, exit

NPS अकाउंट ऑनलाइन या ऑफलाइन कैसे खुलवाएं? स्टेप बाय स्टेप गाइड, पास रख लें ये डॉक्यूमेंट

National Pension System: नेशनल पेंशन सिस्टम यानी NPS रिटायरमेंट के लिए बेहद पॉपुलर निवेश का विकल्प है.

National Pension System rules for state government employees

National Pension System: कोरोना संकट के दौरान क्या NPS में निवेश करना है सुरक्षित, जानें महामारी से कैसे होगा असर

कोरोना वायरस की वजह से शेयर बाजार को बड़ा झटका लगा है और हाल ही में म्यूचुअल फंड इंडस्ट

nps payment on paytm money

OPGM के जरिए खोल रहे हैं NPS अकाउंट, तो 1 जुलाई से ये डिटेल्स देनी होंगी जरूरी

1 जुलाई से OPGM के जरिए NPS अकाउंट ऑनलाइन खोलने के लिए फोटो और हस्ताक्षर जरूरी होंगे.

national pension system photo and signature will be required to open NPS account online from 1 july

NPS Alert! घट सकता है टैक्स बेनिफिट, एम्प्लॉयर कंट्रीब्यूशन पर डिडक्शन लिमिट लगाने की तैयारी

नौकरीपेशा लोगों के लिए नेशनल पेंशन सिस्टम (NPS) काफी फायदेमंद हैं. इसमें कॉन्ट्रीब्यूशन

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20 हजार मंथली पेंशन और 45 लाख फंड के साथ होंगे रिटायर; NPS में 18 लाख करना होगा निवेश

NPS: नेशनल पेंशन सिस्टम (NPS) में 18 से 60 साल की उम्र के बीच का कोई भी वेतनभोगी जुड़ सकता है.

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