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Permanent Retirement Account Number: NPS subscribers don’t need to submit physical application for PRAN

Now, for NPS accounts opened digitally in CRA platform including eNPS, the soft copies of NPS subscribers' applications will continue to be generated by CRAs.

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National Pension System: अक्टूबर में NPS सब्सक्राइबर्स 23% बढ़े, ऐसे खुलता है अकाउंट

नेशनल पेंशन सिस्टम (NPS) के सब्सक्राइबर्स की संख्या अक्टूबर के आखिर तक 23 फीसदी बढ़कर 3.83 कर

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NPS अकाउंट ऑनलाइन या ऑफलाइन कैसे खुलवाएं? स्टेप बाय स्टेप गाइड, पास रख लें ये डॉक्यूमेंट

National Pension System: नेशनल पेंशन सिस्टम यानी NPS रिटायरमेंट के लिए बेहद पॉपुलर निवेश का विकल्प है.

National Pension System rules for state government employees

National Pension System: कोरोना संकट के दौरान क्या NPS में निवेश करना है सुरक्षित, जानें महामारी से कैसे होगा असर

कोरोना वायरस की वजह से शेयर बाजार को बड़ा झटका लगा है और हाल ही में म्यूचुअल फंड इंडस्ट

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OPGM के जरिए खोल रहे हैं NPS अकाउंट, तो 1 जुलाई से ये डिटेल्स देनी होंगी जरूरी

1 जुलाई से OPGM के जरिए NPS अकाउंट ऑनलाइन खोलने के लिए फोटो और हस्ताक्षर जरूरी होंगे.

national pension system photo and signature will be required to open NPS account online from 1 july

NPS Alert! घट सकता है टैक्स बेनिफिट, एम्प्लॉयर कंट्रीब्यूशन पर डिडक्शन लिमिट लगाने की तैयारी

नौकरीपेशा लोगों के लिए नेशनल पेंशन सिस्टम (NPS) काफी फायदेमंद हैं. इसमें कॉन्ट्रीब्यूशन

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20 हजार मंथली पेंशन और 45 लाख फंड के साथ होंगे रिटायर; NPS में 18 लाख करना होगा निवेश

NPS: नेशनल पेंशन सिस्टम (NPS) में 18 से 60 साल की उम्र के बीच का कोई भी वेतनभोगी जुड़ सकता है.

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Income Tax: इन 5 ऑप्शन पर नए ​टैक्स सिस्टम में नहीं मिलेगी छूट, फिर भी इनमें निवेश क्यों है फायदेमंद

नई टैक्स व्यवस्था में भले ही इन पर टैक्स बेनेफिट नहीं मिल रहा, लेकिन इनमें निवेश करने प

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National Pension System: Rules for valuation of securities under NPS to change from January 1!

National Pension System (NPS) Rules: The Pension Fund Regulatory Development Authority (PFRDA) has revised the valuation guidelines under NPS schemes and other Pension schemes administered by it.

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Central Government Employee? Old Pension Scheme benefit can’t be denied for THIS reason – CAT Order

Central Government Employee Pension: The benefit of Old Pension Scheme cannot be denied to a Central Government Employee if the delay in joining service before 01-01-2004 is not attributable to him

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National Pension System: More people aged 35 plus join NPS; Are they going wrong?

National Pension System (NPS) Joining: It seems more people aged 35 or above are joining NPS.

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National Pension System: Rs 50 lakh retirement corpus with just Rs 2000/month for central government employees!

National Pension System for Central Government Employees: All employees joining services of Central Government, including Central Autonomous Bodies (except Armed Forces) on or after 2004, are covered by NPS for their pension

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National Pension System: New employees can join NPS directly, transfer application not needed – Draft code

Employees' Provident Fund (EPF) to National Pension System (NPS) transfer law: The government is set to simplify the laws affecting employees through a new Code on Social Security 2019.

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National Pension System: How and where to open NPS account – Online, Offline by contributing just Rs 500

How and where to open National Pension System (NPS) Account: You can open NPS account online and offline. Following are the details:

How to open NPS account online, offline

National Pension System: Get Rs 45 lakh cash + Rs 22,000 monthly pension with Rs 5000/month

National Pension System for retirement: Planning to save for retirement? You can try government-backed National Pension System (NPS).

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Modi govt for EPS to National Pension System transfer: Will you benefit?

EPS to National Pension System transfer proposal: Government's draft 'The Employees’ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions (Amendment) Bill, 2019'proposes to provide employees an option to switch between EPS and NPS.

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National Pension System: Investing Rs 50,000 in NPS? Confused about withdrawal? This will help you

National Pension System (NPS) Withdrawal Rules: NPS investment not just helps a subscriber in accumulating a retirement corpus but also in saving money paid as income tax.

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National Pension System: Central Government Employee? You can contribute to NPS even after retirement – Here’s how

National Pension System: During the extended period after retirement, or attaining the age of 60, a Tier-1 account holder cannot avail the facility of deferment of lump sum and annuity.

National Pension System for Central Government Employees:

Govt to allow staff to invest 50 per cent of NPS corpus in equities

Government employees who have 90% of assets under management under the National Pension System (NPS) will soon get a choice to invest up to 50% of their corpus in equities.

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RBI allows NRIs to subscribe to National Pension System

To enable Indians living abroad to access old age income security, Reserve Bank today allowed non-resident Indians (NRIs) to subscribe to the National Pension System (NPS).

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Number of National Pension Scheme, Atal Pension Yojna subscribers crosses 1 crore mark: FinMin

The number of subscribers under National Pension Scheme and Atal Pension Yojna has crossed one crore mark while total assets under management have soared to Rs 1 lakh crore.


NPS investment norms: New rules open doors for start-ups, venture, infra funds

In a major boost to start up firms, the guidelines allow for investments in alternate investment funds.

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PFRDA invites application for National Pension System Trustee Bank

National Pension System has more than 87 lakh subscribers with Asset Under Management (AUM) of over Rs 80,800 crore.


Govt employees under NPS set to get more flexibility

Government employees covered under the National Pension System (NPS) will soon get the right to choose their retirement fund manager.

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