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NASA Mars Mission: Ingenuity Helicopter sends first report to NASA after Perseverance’s landing on Red Planet

If the Mars helicopter mission is to succeed, then it is important that it has enough energy to maintain vital functions, including heating, while also having the optimal battery health.

NASA Ingenuity Mars Helicopter

NASA Perseverance Rover successfully lands on Mars’ Jezero Crater: Everything to know about the historic landing

Earlier in the day, scientists had been looking at these ‘seven minutes of terror’ and hoping that all went smoothly as Perseverance readied itself to undertake an autonomous landing.

nasa perseverance rover mars mission 2020

Countdown to Mars: With Perseverance Rover’s landing hours away, NASA scientists begin their countdown to ‘7 minutes of terror’

Perseverance is set to enter the Martian atmosphere on February 18 at about 3:48 pm EST or 2:18 am IST on February 19.

NASA Perseverance rove mars

Destination Mars! Inside many missions to Red Planet and crazy world of Elon Musk!

2020 was the first time in history when three countries launched Mars missions in the same launch window.

mars, mars exploration missions

NASA Mars Mission: Perseverance Rover set to land on Mars — when and where to watch live telecast

This mission is the next one in a series of Mars exploration missions that NASA has carried out over the past few decades.

NASA perseverance rover mars mission landing

NASA’s Cygnus spacecraft, named in memory of Kalpana Chawla, to depart from ISS; Check time for live telecast

Before the scheduled departure, the crew aboard the international space outpost would pack the spacecraft with the SharkSat hosted payload

nasa cygnus spacecraft ISS detachment live telecast

Sunita Williams trains with gen-next spaceflight simulators

Indian-American Sunita Williams and other NASA commercial crew astronauts have tested a new generation of training simulators to prepare for launch, flight and returns aboard a Boeing spacecraft that will transport crew to th

NASA, Sunita Williams, Sunita Williams Latest News

NASA’s solar-powered Jupiter probe sets new distance record

NASA's Juno mission to Jupiter today broke the record to become humanity's most distant solar-powered emissary, when the spacecraft reached about 793 million kilometres from the Sun.

NASA’s Hubble finds evidence of galaxy star birth

Astronomers, using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, have uncovered a unique process for how the universe's largest elliptical galaxies continue making stars long after their peak years of star birth.


Mercury’s magnetic field is almost four billion years old: NASA

The discovery helps scientists piece together the history of Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun.

Mercury planet, nasa MESSENGER Spacecraft

NASA spacecraft crashes into Mercury, ends mission

NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft dashed into Mercury, ended the 11-year space exploration mission.

MESSENGER, NASA, spacecraft

NASA spacecraft nearing its second stop – dwarf planet Ceres

A NASA spacecraft is preparing to rendezvous with the largest object in the asteroid belt located between Mars and Jupiter...


Boeing, SpaceX to slash cost of flying astronauts to International Space Station

Future manned spaceflights to the International Space Station (ISS) could save millions of dollars...

nasa mars mission

Courtesy Indian-origin researchers, astronauts’ poo can now be converted into fuel in space!

Researchers have developed a new method that allows human waste in space to be converted into fuel.

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