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Movie review: ‘Alone’; Bipasha Basu starrer has a few ‘horror’ scenes

A besotted wife, an over-busy husband, and a dark secret is bundled up and transported to a sprawling house...

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The Theory of Everything movie review

The SCIENTIST Stephen Hawking is still looking for that “one simple equation that explains everything...

Paddington movie review: A place to call home

A movie based on a childhood favourite series can usually never measure up...

American Sniper movie review

GOD, country, family, right?” Chris Kyle tells a fellow SEAL in American Sniper. That pretty much defines Clint Eastwood’s work...

The Imitation Game movie review

IN AN interesting exchange quite late in the film, Cumberbatch’s Alan Turing tells a detective questioning him in lock-up to hear...

Imitation Game, Imitation Game movie review, movie review

Paddington movie review

Paddington Bear. How well we know him. He's cuddly, he's loyal, he's sensitive...

Paddington, Paddington bear, Paddington movie review

Movie review: Been there, done that in the ‘Wedding Ringer’

The first version of the script for ''The Wedding Ringer,'' a new comedy about a friendless schlub who rents a best man for his big day...

Big Eyes short movie review

The eyes have it. It’s easy to see what attracted Burton to this film, quite different from his usual genre of dark...

Amy Admas, Big eyes, big eyes movie review

Tevar short movie review

Right from its opening frames, ‘Tevar’ makes you a couple of promises : that it will be violent, vicious and crude...

Sonakshi Sinha, Tevar movie review, Arjun Kapoor

Alone movie review: Bipasha Basu’s growing body of ‘horror’ work

Bhushan Patel's Alone, the latest addition to Bipasha Basu's growing body of 'horror' work...

Alone, Bipasha Basu, Alone movie review

Crazy Cukkad Family movie review

A comedy caper centred on cussed, crooked individuals out to outsmarting each other, when handled right...

Tevar movie review: Only attitude, no substance

Arjun Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha starrer 'Tevar' is another one in a long line of Hindi potboilers that adds absolutely nothing new to the genre...

Taken 3 movie review

A retired CIA operative who comes out of hibernation only when his family is threatened was the starting point of Taken...

Taken 3, Movie taken 3, Taken 3 movie review

Movie review: Ugly

You wonder, sometimes, about Anurag Kashyap’s inner life: what is it that makes him veer so much towards the dark...

Ugly movie, Ugly review, Ugly movie review, Movie review Ugly

Movie review: ‘Ungli’ a listless and superficial thriller

Writer-director Rensil D'Silva's 'Ungli' is a broad blend of elements from Rang De Basanti...

Film Review: ‘Madagascar’ spin-off hatches family fun

'Penguins of Madagascar'' begins with something completely unexpected: a Werner Herzog voiceover.

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