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Budget 2021: मर्सिडीज-बेंज, ऑडी, लैम्बोर्गिनी की मांग; लग्जरी कारों पर कम हो टैक्स

Union Budget 2021-22: ऊंचे टैक्सेशन की वजह से प्रीमियम कारों का बाजार आगे नहीं बढ़ पा रहा है.

Cess hike on luxury cars: Auto brands including Audi, Jaguar react; say it will impact segment growth

Automobile firms, including Mercedes-Benz, Audi and JLR, today said the proposed hike in cess on luxury cars and SUVs will adversely impact growth momentum of the segment.

Audi Q7

GST luxury cars/ SUVs: World’s third-largest automotive market needs better policies

The governments' flip-flop policies continue to plague us with them retracting previously allocated benefits on luxury cars, leaving both manufacturers and consumer in a tizzy.

Luxury cars and SUVs set to be more expensive, Here’s why

However, the prices of these vehicles might not go up immediately as any increase in cess require an amendment to the GST compensation law.

Big Boyz Toyz announces massive price cut upto Rs 35 lakh in lieu of GST

Currently, luxury cars are subjected to a tax rate of 55%. Post GST, this rate would be brought down to 43% (28% + 15%).

How GST will affect car prices in India from Maruti Alto to Honda City and Mercedes S-Class

Under the new GST structure, cars will be subjected to a standard 28 % tax rate and some additional cess. The rate of the cess and the classification of vehicles under this structure is yet to be disclosed by the GST Council.

How GST will affect car prices in India from Maruti Alto to Honda City and Mercedes S-Class
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