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15 हजार घंटे उजाला करेगा Xiaomi का यह LED बल्ब, 500 रुपये से कम करना होगा खर्च

Xiaomi भारत में एक नया LED बल्ब लेकर आया है, जो 15 हजार घंटे उजाला करेगा.

Xiaomi launched new LED smart bulb will provide light for fifteen thousand hours

LED bulbs under Centre’s UJALA scheme has crossed 20 crore distribution

The Ujala website flashes inspiring numbers like, energy saved per year, 26,082 mn Kwh, cost saving per year Rs 10, 433 crore and Co2 reduction per year is 2,11,26,570 t CO2 and so on.

LED bulb prices fall to Rs 75-95 across 16 states

Cost of LED bulbs has come dowm to Rs 75-95 across 16 states with procurement rates falling to as low as Rs 54.90 apiece, power ministry said today.

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3 crore LED bulbs to be distributed in Madhya Pradesh in 6 months: Piyush Goyal

As many as three crore LED bulbs will be distributed over the next six months under the UJALA scheme in Madhya Pradesh that will kick-start the energy revolution in the state...

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LED bulb price cut by 10 pct more to Rs 64, efficiency up 20 pct, says govt

The procurement price of light emitting diode (LED) bulbs has fallen further to Rs 64.41 from Rs 73 per unit, the government said on Sunday.

LEDs bulbs that communicate could create ‘smart’ environments: Disney

Disney researchers have demonstrated that light bulbs can do more that just illuminate our rooms - they could communicate with each other, with objects and with the Internet, to create 'smart' environments.

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