Kim Jong Un

Photos show North Korea expanding uranium enrichment plant

In the past week, North Korea launched both ballistic and cruise missiles toward the sea in tests seen as an effort to diversity its missile forces and strengthen its attack capability on South Korea and Japan

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s sister Kim Yo Jong warns South Korea-US drills will rekindle tensions

Kim Yo Jong's statement carried by state media targets only South Korea, and this could add credence to a theory that North Korea's decision to restore the communication lines is aimed at pushing Seoul to convince Washington

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un orders legal supervision over economic plan

During January's congress, Kim disclosed an array of sophisticated weapons under development and vowed to enlarge his nuclear arsenal to cope with what he called intensifying U.S. hostility.

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After Trump setbacks, Kim Jong Un starts over with Joe Biden

Shin expects Biden to eventually pursue a deal with North Korea that resembles the agreement with Iran that Trump pulled out of in 2018.

North Korea holds huge military parade as Kim vows nuclear might

While the country is believed to have accumulated at least dozens of nuclear weapons, outside estimates on the exact status of its nuclear and missiles programs vary widely.

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किम जोंग उन के बाद कौन संभालेगा उत्तर कोरिया की बागडोर, बहन के अलावा ये भी बन सकते हैं दावेदार

कौन ऐसा है जो किम जोंग के 8 साल के शासन के बाद उनका उत्तराधिकारी होगा?

Possible heirs to North Korea’s throne after kim jong un including sister Kim Yo Jong, nephew Kim Han Sol and brother Kim Jong Chol

Clinton to blast Trump on North Korea, NATO in foreign policy speech

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton will slam Republican Donald Trump for being too friendly with North Korea and too harsh on European allies during a foreign policy speech in California on Thursday, designe

Hillary Clinton , Hillary Clinton News, US watchdog News

North Korea warns South Korea of retaliatory strikes

North Korea today warned South Korea of "merciless retaliatory strikes", a day after the South fired warning shots at North Korean boats near their disputed sea border.

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Donald Trump would talk to North Korea’s Kim, wants to renegotiate climate accord

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said on Tuesday he is willing to talk to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to try to stop Pyongyang's nuclear program...

Donald Trump, Donald Trump North Korea, Donald Trump News,Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong-un: North Korea ready to counter any U.S. threat

North Korea's supreme leader Kim Jong-un stated that his country is prepared to act on any threat posed by the United States.

North Korea orders troops on war footing after exchange of fire with South

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ordered his troops onto war footing from 5 p.m on Friday after Pyongyang issued an ultimatum to Seoul to halt anti-North propaganda broadcasts by Saturday afternoon or face military action

The flying marshal: N.Korea builds private runways for plane-loving Kim Jong Un

His father was afraid to fly, but North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has taken to the skies, building a series of small runways long enough to land light, private aircraft next to some of his palaces, satellite imagery shows

South Korean to drop Sony film in North by balloon

A South Korean activist said today that he will launch balloons carrying DVDs of Sony's 'The Interview' toward North Korea...

North Korea blasts Barack Obama as ‘monkey’ in threat over ‘The Interview’

North Korea today blasted US President Barack Obama as a "monkey" inciting cinemas to screen a comedy featuring a fictional...

Barack Obama, The Interview, Movie The Interview, Kim Jong Un

Sony Pictures’s ‘The Interview’ draws U.S. moviegoers who trumpet free speech

"The Interview," the Sony Pictures film about a fictional plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, opened in more than 300 movie theaters across the United States on Christmas Day.

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