Budget 2020 income tax expectations: How Section 80C limits, tax rates & surcharge have changed in 10 years

India Budget 2020: The decision to cut any taxes may be challenging considering the state of economy, recent corporate tax cuts and fiscal roam available to the dispensation.

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Budget 2020: Leveraging DMFs for achieving development goals in rural India

Union Budget 2020-21: With the DMF fund corpus having grown by 44% in the past year, a well-planned and effectively monitored decentralized DMF is a boon for achieving impactful socio-economic development across rural mining

Budget 2020, Budget India 2020-21, India Union budget 2020, Rural Development, nirmala sitharaman

Budget 2020: Flagship scheme MGNREGA; continued impetus crucial for rural growth

Budget 2020-21: Considering past successes of the scheme, consistent impetus to the performance of MGNREGS will be crucial in enabling growth of the rural economy.

Budget 2020: Five key trends having huge impact on Indian automotive industry

Union Budget: While the long-term growth story of the sector is intact, the government needs to address the immediate challenge of demand revival.

Budget 2019: How much Modi government allocated to education in its first term

Union Budget 2019: The role of technology in boosting the education sector stood out among the major highlights of the last budget.

Budget 2019 for education

Budget 2019: What Modi government can do to reduce gender inequality; provide equitable environment to women

Union Budget 2019: Focus on empowering women with a safe, secure and equitable environment in society has gained policy momentum in the last 5 years.

Budet 2019: What Modi government can do to reduce gender inequality

Budget 2019: Ayushman Bharat key programme; what data suggests on need to speed healthcare reforms

Union Budget 2019: With renewed focus of the Central Government on healthcare over the last 5 years, India's healthcare expenditure has increased.

Budget 2019: Ayushman Bharat key programme

Budget 2019: How income tax slabs in India have changed in last 10 years; did common man benefit?

Union Budget 2019: The common man is eagerly awaiting the Narendra Modi government's first full Budget of the second term.

Budget 2019: How income tax slabs in India have changed

Budget 2019: Household electrification saw relentless focus by Modi government

Union Budget 2019: We have achieved 100% household electrification in October 2017 (except 18,000 in Chhattisgarh).

Budget 2019: Household electrification

Budget 2019: Quality of fiscal deficit improving; significant growth in capital spending over years

Union Budget 2019: Though revenue deficit is no longer a parameter for measuring fiscal outcomes in the FRBM Act, it is still considered as an important reference indicator.

Budget 2019: Quality of fiscal deficit improving

Budget 2019: How village electrification has been a big game-changer for the power sector

Union Budget 2019: The successful drive to provide electricity access to all villages and households, setting aside the debate on its completeness, is a major game changer.

Budget 2019: Village electrification a big game-changer

Budget 2019: How MNREGS allocations have increased steadily at a rate of 13% per annum

Union Budget 2019: The MNREGS allocations have increased steadily at a rate of 13% per annum till FY 2018-19 except for a dip in FY 2014-15.

MNREGS allocations over years
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