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Silver, Gold Price Today: सोने का भाव 575 रु उछला, चांदी की कीमत 66700 रु/किलो के करीब

Gold Rate Today: सोने और चांदी के भाव में गुरुवार को लगातार चौथे दिन तेजी देखने को मिली.

Gold Price today 21st january, silver price today, Gold price jumps Rs 575; silver up by Rs 1,227

MSCI rejig of tech stocks, high FX reserves to favor Rupee; USD-INR may trade in this range in CY21

What lies for Indian Rupee in 2021 is the biggest question for major importers, exporters and traders. The Covid-19 badly impacted major global economies in 2020.


Indian rupee falls nearly 3% YTD in 2020; check how it will fare against US dollar in 2021

Indian rupee remained one of the worst-performing regional currencies in 2020, despite record inflows from foreign institutional investors (FII) and foreign portfolio investors (FPI) into Indian equities

PSU banks recapitalisation

Trump vs Biden: Election impact on financial markets; what to expect from dollar, rupee, gold

Whosoever wins this election, the result will certainly have an impact on the financial markets as well, along with the dollar. The coronavirus has realigned voters' concerns and behaviour.

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India gold prices break away from global rally in August, after surging together for 7 months

Gold prices in India broke away from the global price rally for the first time in eight months, and reversed gains in August, after climbing lock-step for the first seven of the current year 2020.

Gold prices to hit Rs 55,000 per 10 gms by December; but these roadblocks may halt rally

Going forward, the overarching trend favors a sustained rally in both gold and silver prices, given the fact that global economic recovery may take long even after the COVID crisis fades away.

Now that India is world’s 5th largest forex reserve holder, here’s what it means for rupee going ahead

Forex reserves are assets in the form of gold, special drawing rights (SDRs), foreign currency assets (FCA) and reserve positions in the IMF, which are held by the nation's central bank.

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Rupee may trade range bound with bullish bias; check support level for coming days

We expect USD/INR spot to continue its range bound move with a bullish bias. 75 will continue to act as a crucial support and 76, crucial resistance.

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How Rupee is faring against other Asian currencies; here’s what pulled Indian currency down to record low

A sharp decline in crude oil prices and huge amount of foreign exchange reserves have also not helped the rupee in arresting the slide as demand for crude oil has plummeted.

डॉलर के मुकाबले 48 पैसे मजबूत हुआ रुपया, RBI के एलानों का असर

रुपये में सुधार दर्ज हुआ और यह 48 पैसे की बढ़त के साथ 76.39 प्रति डॉलर पर बंद हुआ.

rupee becomes 48 paise stronger against dollar after RBI announcements

कोरोना इंपैक्ट: रुपया नए रिकॉर्ड निचले स्तर पर, आर्थिक मंदी की आशंकाओं से 43 पैसे टूटा

निवेशकों का रुझान डॉलर आधारित सम्पत्तियों में धन रखने की ओर है.

Indian currency rupee at new all time low of 76.87 per dollar due to coronavirus

कोरोना वायरस: रिकॉर्ड निचले स्तर पर पहुंचा रुपया, डॉलर के मुकाबले 86 पैसे टूटा

इसकी वजह कोरोना वायरस (Coronavirus) की वजह से आ​र्थिक मंदी आने की आशंका है.

Rupee plunges 84 paise to 75.10 against dollar amid coronavirus scare

जल्द आ सकते हैं वार्निश वाले 100 रुपये के नोट, ज्यादा होगी उम्र

वित्त राज्य मंत्री अनुराग सिंह ठाकुर ने मंगलवार को राज्यसभा को यह जानकारी दी.

Rupee rises 18 paise to 71.80 against US dollar, tracks domestic equity market

Forex traders said the appreciation in the rupee was largely on the back of some selling in the US dollar by banks and importers. At the interbank foreign exchange the rupee opened at 71.84

How ULIPs work

अब ‘अदृश्य स्याही’ करेगी जाली नोटों की पहचान, कीमत 10 लाख रु/किलो; जानें नई रिसर्च का दावा

शोधार्थियों का कहना है कि इस नई स्याही को तैयार करने में सिर्फ 45 मिनट का वक्त लगता है और

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Rupee opens at fresh 11-week high, gains 35 paise to 71.11 per US dollar

Rupee on Thursday opened at a fresh 11-week high, rising by 35 paise to 71.11 per US dollar in early trade, falling crude oil prices.

Share market HIGHLIGHTS: Sensex ends 792 pts down, Nifty at 10,316; rupee hits 74/$ for 1st time as RBI holds rates

Share market today: The Sensex and Nifty posted their biggest weekly decline in over two years on Friday after, in a surprise move, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) today kept the repo rate unchanged at 6.5%. The announcement

sensex, stock markets, nifty

Rupee opens 4 paise higher at 66.69 against dollar

Indian rupee opened 4 paise higher at 66.69 against the US dollar on Wednesday due to fresh selling of American currency by banks and exporters.

Indian rupee opens 10 paise higher at 66.79 against dollar

Indian rupee opened 10 paise higher at 66.79 against the US dollar on Tuesday on account of selling of American currency by banks and exporters.

Rupee slips 13 paise against dollar in early trade

Indian rupee opened 10 paise lower against the US dollar at 66.81 on Monday on account of buying of American currency by banks and importers.

Rupee recovers over 20 paise against dollar, ends at 66.72

Indian rupee recovered over 20 paise against the US dollar on Friday on account of increased selling of the American currency by banks and exporters.

Rupee strengthens 15 paise against dollar on Monday, settles at 66.53

Indian rupee closed nearly 15 paise higher at 66.54 against the US dollar at the forex market on Monday on account of increased selling of American currency by banks and exporters.

Rupee closes 12 paise higher on RBI repo rate cut

Indian rupee strengthened further and closed 12 paise up at 66.46 against dollar after the Reserve Bank of India reduced the key interest rates by 25 basis points

Rupee closes 3 paise higher at 66.58 against dollar

Indian rupee closed 3 paise higher at 66.58 on Monday following selling of the American currency by banks and exporters amid firm domestic and global cues.

Rupee slips 5 paise against dollar on Tuesday

Indian rupee settled nearly 5 paise lower against the US dollar on Tuesday as traders turned cautious ahead of two key central bank policy reviews in the United States and Japan

Rupee snaps 6-day winning streak, ends 5 paise down at 66.42 against dollar

Indian rupee closed 5 paise down at 66.42 against dollar on Thursday

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