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google is most attractive employer brand top three includes amazon microsoft says survey
Google भारत में नौकरी खोजने वालों की पहली पसंद, Amazon, Microsoft भी टॉप तीन में शामिल: सर्वे

भारत में 2021 के 10 सबसे आकर्षक एंप्लॉयर की सूची में इंफोसिस चौथे नंबर पर, टाटा स्टील पांचवें, डेल टेक्नोलॉजीज…

Manipal Hospitals adopt IBM’s Watson for oncology

Watson’s cognitive computing platform will help physicians identify options for individualised, evidence-based cancer care across India IBM announced that Manipal…

IBM, IBM lay off, IBM job cut
IBM to lay off 112,000 employees?

IBM reportedly plans to break with gradual approach and suddenly lay off 26 per cent of its global workforce.

IBM earnings slide amid revamping

IBM is in the midst of a challenging transition, and its fourth-quarter financial results reflected that reality…


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