Sexually transmitted diseases, peer pressure drove ancient humans to marriage, monogamy

According to a study, the root of marriage can be traced back to nothing romantic, rather it may have been started just to avoid sexually transmitted diseases (STIs).

Humans may one day grow new teeth like sharks

Sharks can regenerate their teeth through the network of genes, which may pave the way for the development of therapies to help humans with tooth loss, said researchers.

Destruction of Earth is inevitable in near future: Stephen Hawking

Humanity is at risk due to scientific progress, says top cosmologist Professor Stephen Hawking.

Why Neanderthals’ faces are different from humans

The Neanderthals, who appeared about 200,000 years ago, are quite distinct from modern humans in the manner in which their faces grow, finds new study.

Genes linked to longer, healthier life identified

Scientists have identified 30 genes linked to physical ageing - one of which may possibly be influenced to extend healthy lifespan in humans - after analysing a 'haystack' of 40,000 genes from three different organisms.

Extending life span: This diabetes drug could let us live past 120, wipe out Alzheimer’s disease

Clinical trials have started for a miracle drug that could help us live into their 120s. The Food and Drug Administration in America has given the green light to the trials of cheap drug metformin, which is used to treat peop

Extinction on Earth key to vertebrate diversity: Study

Periods of high extinction on Earth, rather than evolutionary adaptations, may have been a key driver in the diversification of today’s dominant land vertebrates, including reptiles, birds, and mammals, suggests new researc

‘Fourth strand’ of ancient European ancestry spread to India

The first sequencing of genomes extracted from human remains dating back to over 13,000 years ago has unveiled a previously unknown "fourth strand" of ancient European ancestry that later spread to India and other parts of So

Our ancestors first used beeswax 9,000 yrs ago

A new study has established the first human uses of beeswax in Anatolia in 7000 BCE. Our relationship with bees stretches way back before modern farming, which is shown...

New method to 3D print building blocks of life

Scientists have developed new 3D printing method capable of producing highly uniform blocks of embryonic stem cells (building blocks of life), which could be used as the 'Lego bricks' to build larger structures of tissues, an

What waste: Decaying human excrement can fuel developing world

Gas produced by decaying human waste is potentially major source of energy, providing electricity for millions of homes while improving sanitary conditions in developing countries, says a UN report has said.

Diet diversity may lead to poor metabolism

A new study has revealed that the 'everything in moderation' diet might lead to poor metabolic health.

Debunking Mars and Venus cliche in humans

It may be time for the brain science to ditch the 'Mars and Venus' cliche as a recent study has suggested that the gender gaps in the brain are not so much and it's gender stereotyping which makes us different.

Humans only have 1 sense, not 5: Study

Humans do not have 5 senses but most likely 1, according to a neuroscientist in the US who suggests that taste, smell, touch, sound and sight may be part of the same system...

Most earths are yet to be born, shows Nasa’s Hubble Space Telescope data

The search for the Earth-like planet suitable for humans is still on, but a recent theoretical study from the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) in Baltimore suggests we may be wasting our time as most Earth-like world

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