human breast milk

Yet another reason to say ‘yes’ to human breast milk for newborns

Human breast milk, which provides essential nutrients and antibodies to newborns, also serves as a reservoir for bio-molecules that help resolve inflammation and combat infection, a new study has found.

IBM to launch breast milk shipping service for employees

In a first-of-its kind effort, IBM is planning to soon launch a service to help the company's working moms ship breast milk home to their babies while they are on business trips.

Breast milk sold online could be adulterated

Breast milk sold online may be contaminated with cow's milk or infant formula, putting babies at risk...

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Baby formula has 7.5 times more arsenic than breast milk

Young babies who are fed formula milk have far higher levels of arsenic in their bodies than breast-fed infants...


Breast milk stem cells capable of forming tissues in baby

Stem cells in mother's breast milk may be able to develop into a range of different tissues....

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