Stock Tips : कोविड-19 की ओरल दवा से चमकेंगे इस कंपनी के शेयर, जानिए कितने मुनाफे की है उम्मीद

molnupiravir बनाने की इस तैयारी को देखते हुए HSBC ने Divi’s Laboratories के शेयरों का टारगेट प्राइस बढ़ा कर 5465

HSBC और YES बैंक ने होम लोन इंटरेस्ट घटाया, अब SBI और एचडीएफसी के बराबर होगी ईएमआई

यस बैंक होम लोन का बुकसाइज बढ़ा कर दोगुना करना चाहता है. इसी वजह से बैंक ने अपनी होम लोन

Stock Tips : शेयरों की इस तिकड़ी में है बंपर कमाई का मौका, जानिए मुनाफे और टारगेट प्राइस का पूरा हिसाब-किताब

रिसर्च और ब्रोकरेज फर्म Jefferies को पेप्सीको की बॉटलर कंपनी वरुण वेबरेज ( Varun Beverages) में ग्रोथ द

India a key market, our numbers here speak for themselves: Surendra Rosha, CEO, HSBC India

India is a key component of the HSBC Group’s growth story. In the Group’s annual financial results announced recently, HSBC India recorded a PBT of over $1 billion, that too in a challenging year.

Surendra Rosha, Group general manager & CEO, HSBC India

मुनाफा घटा, होगी जबरदस्त छंटनी! HSBC से 35,000 लोगों की जाएगी नौकरी; बैंक ने कहा- ट्रेड वॉर से कोरोना तक कई चुनौतियां

HSBC का कहना है कि छंटनी की प्रमुख वजह कंपनी का लगातार तीन साल घटना मुनाफा है.

HSBC announces about 35K job cuts and radical overhaul globally as profit slid by a third last year

HSBC India’s medium-term outlook to only improve further: HSBC

Medium-term growth prospect of the Indian economy is improving, and with the GST Bill likely to be passed later in the year, it will only improve further, says an HSBC report.

HSBC India, HSBC bank, HSBC monetary policy, GST Bill

Mutual Fund agents request Sebi to scrap commission disclosure rule

Opposing the mandatory disclosure of commissions paid by mutual funds (MFs) to distributors, agents selling such financial products have requested regulator Sebi to scrap...

BSE Sensex, NSE Nifty

HSBC Q1 profit falls a smaller than expected 14%

HSBC posted a 14 percent drop in its first-quarter profit, as the lender's investment banking unit saw trading income tumble in the grim global market environment early in the year, but the profit fall was smaller than expect

HSBC News, HSBC Latest News,Profit

HSBC 2015 net profit down 1.2 per cent at 13.52 billion Dollar

Global banking giant HSBC announced today its results for 2015 which fell below analysts' expectations after what it called "seismic shifts" in the world economy.

HSBC India to shut down its private banking business

HSBC spokesman said that after a strategic review of the global private banking operations in India, we have decided to close the business.

HSBC india

HSBC unveils Rs 100 crore skill development programme

Banking major HSBC has announced a skill development programme for India, entailing an investment of Rs 100 crore, which will impart skills to more than 75,000 people.

hsbc bank

Fight against black money: Swiss to help on stolen data too

In a move that may help India's fight against black money, Switzerland today proposed amending its laws to share information with foreign countries probing tax crimes on the basis of 'stolen data', provided details have come

HSBC Services growth slips in April, raises rate cut hope

The HSBC India Services Business Activity Index, which tracks changes in activity at the service companies, fell to a three-month low of 52.4 in April from 53.0 recored in March.

hsbc bank

Swiss Leaks: HSBC ‘tax dodge’ revelations are tip of iceberg, says leaker

Herve Falciani, an IT worker turned whistleblower, stole the files in 2007 and passed them to French authorities...

black money

India to have current account surplus this quarter: HSBC

India's current account is likely to swing to surplus after 32 quarters of deficit in the January-March period...


SIT traces Rs 4,479 cr in Swiss banks; Rs 14,958 cr in India

In first major disclosure about money held in Swiss banks, government today said Rs 4,479 crore is held in the accounts...

black money

Naming account holders was under court direction, India tells Germany

India is now discussing new double tax avoidance agreements with eight nations.

Income Tax Calculator, Budget 2019, How to Calculate Income Tax

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