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Dangerous rise in HIV AIDS cases in Punjab in just 5 years, Amritsar tops the list! Read shocking report

The increase in the number of cases has been continuous with 5,543 cases detected in the year 2015-2016, followed by 5,987 cases in 2016-17. In 2017-18, the number was at 6,730.


80% drugs to combat AIDS supplied by India: JP Nadda

India has said that over 80 per cent of the drugs used globally to combat the deadly AIDS are supplied by Indian pharmaceutical firms and the low-cost generic medicines...


HIV growing even when undetectable in blood: Study

HIV may still be replicating in lymphoid tissue, even when it is undetectable in the blood of patients on antiretroviral drugs, scientists have found, paving the way for a new "path to a cure".

AHF lauds greater access to HIV testing in India

The TRG has recommended community based screening using whole blood finger prick tests in unreached population

India risks backsliding on success against HIV: UN envoy

New HIV infections in India could rise for the first time in more than a decade because states are mismanaging a prevention programme by delaying payments to health workers, the United Nations envoy for AIDS in Asia and the P

Counterfeit drugs pose global threat for HIV/AIDS, malaria & tuberculosis patients: Study

Poor quality medicines pose a real and urgent threat in the treatment of HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis, researchers have warned.

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New antibody shows promise in suppressing HIV infection

The first clinical trial of an experimental antibody therapy for HIV has shown that it can dramatically reduce the amount of virus present in a patient's blood...

HIV treatment

HIV can spread early, evolve in patients’ brains

Researchers have discovered that HIV can begin replicating in the brain as early as four months after initial infection.

HIV treatment

HIV New compound may treat HIV, drug-resistant TB

Researchers, including one of Indian-origin, have developed a new molecule that may treat multi-drug resistant tuberculosis and even HIV infection...

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Study finds HIV drugs priced out of reach

Drugs to treat HIV and AIDS are being priced out of reach for many patients enrolled in insurance plans ...

HIV positive adults have poorer hearing: Study

HIV positive adults have poorer low- and high-frequency hearing than those without the infection...

Scientists find mechanism for spontaneous HIV cure

French scientists today unveiled the genetic mechanism by which they believe two men...

Social media can help stop spread of HIV

Tweets and Facebook posts could be a new tool to help curb the spread of HIV.

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