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कक्षा 9 से 12वीं तक के छात्रों के लिए आंशिक तौर पर स्कूल खोलने के लिए SOP जारी, कंटेनमेंट जोन्स में नहीं होगी अनुमति

केवल कंटेनमेंट जोन के बाहर के स्कूल ही खुल सकेंगे. कंटेनमेंट जोन्स में रहने वाले टीचर,

Health Ministry issues SOP for partial reopening of Schools for students of 9th-12th classes on a voluntary basis, for taking guidance from their teachers in the context of covid19

Coronavirus Vaccine Updates: भारत Sputnik-V वैक्सीन को लेकर रूस के साथ कर रहा है बात- स्वास्थ्य मंत्रालय

COVID-19 Vaccine Updates: स्वास्थ्य मंत्रालय ने कहा है कि कुछ प्रारंभिक जानकारी साझा की गई है.

Russia became the first country to approve the public use of a Coronavirus vaccine in the world last month.

फ्लाइट, ट्रेन या बस से कर रहे हैं सफर, तो जान लें सरकार के ये दिशा-निर्देश

कोविड19 (COVID-19) लॉकडाउन के चलते देश में विभिन्न जगहों पर फंसे लोगों को बस व ट्रेन के जरिए घर

Ministry of Health and family welfare guidelines for domestic travel, air travel, train travel, inter state bus travel

Ayushman Bharat: Hundreds of hospitals, service centres suspended for using bogus documents, fake IDs

In one of the biggest crackdowns, more than 3,700 common service centres and Pradhan Mantri Arogya Mitra IDs have been de-activated in 21 states.

PM-JAY, Ayushman Bharat, How to enroll in PMJAY

Myanmar’s betel chewers swallowing hard at high prices

The bright green betel leaves, as large as an adult palm, normally cost $1.80 to $2.50 per kilogram (2.2 pounds). But because of the shortage, the price has gone up nearly four times to 11,000 kyat or $9 per kilogram.

Health Ministry bans 344 fixed dose combination drugs

The ban on the drugs comes into immediate effect

Union Health Minister reviews preparedness on dengue in Delhi

Urges Delhi government to take action against overcharging by private hospitals, increase the bed strength and expedite this for dengue patients in the state hospitals The Health Ministry has decided to ask the Delhi governme

On World Health Day Massive immunization campaign begins In India

On World Health Day, massive immunization campaign starts in India...

NSSO Survey health

Rains keep Health dept worried, anticipates rise in swine flu

The unexpected showers have sent alarm bells ringing in the Health department of Delhi government...

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Drug reduction policy draft likely to be moved to Cabinet soon

Formulated with an objective of addressing all forms of drug abuses, a draft of the national policy for drug demand...

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Swine flu cases cross 100 mark in Delhi

Ten new cases of swine flu were reported in the national capital today, taking the total figure to 108 this year.

Govt may soon ban sale of loose cigarettes, Rs 1000 fine on smoking in public places

Seeking to make violation of the proposed anti-smoking law much more stringent, the draft bill increases maximum fine to Rs 1 lakh.


Indian national returning from Liberia tested positive for Ebola

India’s first Ebola patient has been kept under isolation at a special facility at Delhi airport, after his semen samples tested positive

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