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This Bengaluru startup is planning to launch Health Savings Account; here’s how it will help users

FEDO Health Savings Account is a unique savings account that can be used to pay for qualified medical expenses including the ones which are not covered by health insurance

fedo health savings account

Term Insurance Plan खरीदते समय बचें इन गलतियों से, परिवार को इंश्योरेंस का मिलेगा पूरा फायदा

Term Insurance Plan: टर्म इंश्योरेंस पॉलिसी खरीदते समय कुछ बातों का ख्याल रखना जरूरी है, नहीं तो टर

know here about points to remember while purchasing term insurance plan

Increase in sum insured to focus on benefits: 5 ways Covid-19 pandemic changed health insurance trends in 2021

The pandemic forced people to take stock of their health as well as their financial preparedness to combat unforeseen medical exigencies.

health insurance trends in 2021

Health Insurance: पॉलिसी खरीदने से पहले समझें नेटवर्क और नॉन-नेटवर्क हॉस्पिटल कवरेज का फर्क, बच जाएंगे क्लेम प्रोसेस की भाग-दौड़ से

Health Insurance: बीमा खरीदने से पहले नेटवर्क और गैर-नेटवर्क हॉस्पिटल्स के बीच फर्क को भली-भांति

know here how Network and Non-Network Hospitals affects Health Insurance policy benefits

World Diabetes Day: Here’s why you should buy health insurance for diabetes

World Diabetes Day: Contributing towards diabetes care can make a huge impact on your savings thereby affecting your other major household expenses such as child’s education, repaying loans, etc.

diabetes health insurance

Buying health insurance for children: Here are some key points parents should keep in mind

As is the case with all major financial decisions, those looking to buy health insurance should carefully scrutinize and comprehend all terms and conditions attached to the plan before zeroing in on any particular option.

buying health insurance for children

More than insurance: ‘Kenko Health is building India’s first integrated healthcare platform’ | Interview

'Kenko is slowly building towards becoming India’s first integrated health platform to regularly be in touch with our customers’ health with the help of a Kenko score'

health insurance

Now Google Pay users can buy SBI Arogya Sanjeevani health insurance plan for self and family on the go

SBI General Insurance has collaborated with Google Pay to enable users to buy health coverage on the app in a quick and hassle-free way.

health insurance

Family floater vs Multiple Individual Health Insurance: Which is a better option?

One benefit of having multiple individual plans for family members is that the sum insured of other members would not be impacted if anyone is admitted to a hospital or takes any other treatment covered by his/her individual

health insurance

How your health insurance will help if taking treatment at a non-network hospital

Health insurance companies on board a number of hospitals, clinics on their network. These networked medical facilities provide services to policyholders at a lower fee.

health insurance

What is a Third-Party Administrator (TPA) and its relevance in Health Insurance?

A TPA plays an indispensable role in the complete processing of a health insurance claim.

health insurance

World Heart Day: Key points to keep in mind before buying cardiac plan for heart ailments

World Heart Day: Not just heart-related ailments, cardiac plans also cover hospitalization expenses for all diseases covered in a mediclaim policy.

world heart day

Key things to keep in mind while buying health insurance plans for children at different stages of life

The right approach to choosing the best health insurance policy for children would be according to key life cycle milestones, such as:

insurance for children

How to select a good health insurance plan for senior citizens

Careful selection of a health insurance policy for the elderly is a must to make the overall experience worthwhile

health insurance

India Inc.’s primary healthcare experience is broken, 73% employees have no trusted primary care provider: Survey

Primary care physicians should consider a telemedicine-first approach so that doctors can 'see' more patients and decide which patients are really in need of an in-person visit.

health insurance

How To Buy Insurance: बीमा पॉलिसी खरीदते समय अक्सर स्मार्ट लोगों से भी हो जाती है चूक, जानिए किन गलतियों से बचना है जरूरी

अधिक से अधिक संख्या में अब लोग बीमा पॉलिसी खरीद रहे हैं. हालांकि खरीदते समय कई चीजें ऐस

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Insurance Policies know here in details

All you need to know about monsoon-based health insurance coverage

The key feature of a monsoon specific Health Insurance policy is to cover healthcare expenses due to either hospitalization, or out-patient treatments for most serious vector-borne diseases, across all ages.

health insurance

Why you should thoroughly read sub-limit clause before buying a health insurance policy

Sub-limit in a health insurance policy refers to the cap put by health insurers for various medical treatments covered within the policy.

health insurance

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala-firm files IPO papers: Star Health and Allied Insurance plans Rs 2,000 cr issue

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala-owned Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Ltd has filed draft papers for its initial public offer (IPO) with capital markets regulator SEBI.

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala IPO

New health insurance plan: HDFC ERGO Optima Secure offers 4 times sum insured at no extra cost

HDFC ERGO General Insurance today announced the launch of Optima Secure, a new indemnity health insurance product that seeks to redefine the value customers can get from their insurance plan.

health insurance

Most common health insurance mistakes even smart people make

When it comes to buying health insurance plans, even smart people make several mistakes that result in the cancellation of claims or heavy medical expenses.

health insurance

Buying health insurance? Here are the most common exclusions you should know

Health Insurance Exclusions: a health insurance claim would be admitted only if all the 3 conditions are fulfilled, such as doctor’s advice of hospitalisation, standard protocol for treatment and an active line of treatment

health insurance

SBI General Arogya Supreme: Comprehensive Health Insurance plan loaded with refill feature launched

SBI General Insurance said that customers will also have a facility to choose the policy tenure ranging from 1 to 3 years.

health insurance

Health Insurance: Here’s all you need to know about Day Care procedures

The procedures that require medical care and are completed within 24 hours are called daycare procedures.

health insurance
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