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Mind your Ps and Qs

Green finance is not naturally low-cost. The focus should be on enhancing sources of finance and structuring

An impetus to green growth

Designating sovereign green bonds as specified securities under the ‘fully accessible route’ will help channelise global capital into India’s sustainability…

A decent beginning

Sovereign green bonds have started off well; it’s time to meet the challenges of scaling up

Green bonds see a dip

By number of issues, the sustainable finance volume decreased 12% compared to 2021. American borrowers accounted for 39% of overall…

Green bonds: Work on the ‘greenium’

A crucial aspect will be establishing a pipeline of eligible “shovel-ready” projects following the bond framework, which third-party consultants, environmental…

Green bonds gaining investors interest

Green Bonds are standard bonds with ‘green’ as a bonus feature. Issued to raise capital to exclusively fund sustainable projects,…