Google, Facebook must pay for news in Australia: What is media bargaining code, how it effects Big Tech

The Bill that has been passed by the Australian Parliament and has now effectively become a Code is called the News Media and Digital Platforms Mandatory Bargaining Code.

BigTech vs BigState: Regulating Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and others

New laws on ‘intermediaries’ are open-ended and worrying

US capitol BigTech vs BigState

New intermediary rules: Social media players welcome regulations to address ‘challenges’

Calling itself an ally for India, Facebook said it will continue to work towards fuelling the digital transformation of India.

New intermediary rules: Social media players welcome regulations to address 'challenges'

Google for Education: Meet, Classroom to get more tools as Google announces 50 new product features for students and teachers

Google had stepped in to aid the crores of Indian students who were left hanging due to closure of schools.

Google for education

Facebook blocks news sharing in Australia as Google strikes deal with News Corp. in response to media payment law

Facebook and Google have seemingly taken two different routes to tackle the predicament that they are currently facing in Australia.


Google’s new initiative promotes a more privacy-oriented browser but also gives the search giant more power

At present, tracking history is based on individual data, the new system would anonymise personal data making tracking difficult. The user data and browsing history, in this case, would be out of advertisers’ purview.

The privacy focus can only work if the process is participative, and even the smaller advertisers have a say. Users also need to be given a choice. Brave, a new browsing service, rewards users for opting-in to watch advertisements.

Google पर 10 लाख डॉलर का जुर्माना, फ्रांस में होटलों की गलत रैंकिंग दिखाने को लेकर कार्रवाई

गूगल (Google) पर 1.1 मिलियन यूरो ( 1.3 मिलियन डॉलर) का जुर्माना लगा है.

google fined 1.3 million dollar in france for displaying wrong ranking of hotels there

Netflix among best performing FAANG stocks last week as NASDAQ surged to record highs

So far in 2021, the NASDAQ index has jumped more than 11%, however, only Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has managed to outperform that.

Wall Street, Stock market, FAANG

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says Facebook, Twitter, other social media services need clear laws on free speech

Nadella said that unilateral actions by private social media companies to this end are not stable in the long run.

microsoft ceo satya nadella

Google share price jumped 14% last week, highest among FAANG stocks; here’s how others performed

Collectively knows as the FAANG stocks, companies like Facebook, Google, Apple went higher as the volatility index stooped lower to hit its lowest in nearly two months.

FAANG, Wall street, google

Amazon, Netflix, Zoom जैसी ई-काॅमर्स कंपनियों को क्या देना होगा 2% अतिरिक्त टैक्स, ग्राहकों पर भी होगा असर?

विदेशी ई-काॅमर्स एवं इंटरनेट के जरिए विभिन्न सेवा दे रही विदेशी कंपनियों पर बजट 2021 के म

Equalisation Levy, amazon, google Netflix, zoom Flipkart, foreign e-commerce players, customers, budget 2021, union budget 2021, FAIVM, CAIT, Additional tax, Finance Bill 2021, Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman

Microsoft backs Australian plan to make Google pay for news

Under the Australian system, if an online platform and a news business can't agree on a price for news, an arbitration panel will make a binding decision on payment.

microsoft google australia issue

Honor confirms it is in talks with Google to bring its apps, services to phones after separating from Huawei

Honor has already officially confirmed its ‘renewed’ partnership with key US companies including Qualcomm, Intel, AMD and Microsoft.

Huawei Honor

Should Google pay content creators and publishers for using their online contents?

As per the rudimentary understanding of the entire issue, some possible solutions could be that the search engines like Google may give preference in search results for those entities which do not charge or claim sharing of r

The privacy focus can only work if the process is participative, and even the smaller advertisers have a say. Users also need to be given a choice. Brave, a new browsing service, rewards users for opting-in to watch advertisements.

Four benefits of investing in US markets; check how Indian investors can invest globally

Indians should overcome the home country bias and ideally consider diversification of portfolio through investment opportunities in international markets.

US stock market, Apple, Netflix, Facebook, google

Facebook, Netflix, Google, other FAANG stocks surge under first few days of Joe Biden’s Presidency

Shares of Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google -- collectively known as the FAANG stocks, recorded healthy gains during the previous week of trade.

wall street, commodities markets wildwide, commodities market bullish

High-speed broadband services: Telcos and technology majors spar over spectrum band

The divide between the two sides is whether spectrum in the concerned band should be delicensed or should be allocated through auctions as is the case for access services spectrum.

The Trai had recommended that both E and V band should be opened with ‘light touch regulation’ and allotment should be on a ‘link to link basis’.

Big Tech in the era of Techopoly

Governments treaded uncharted waters during the last decade as these new tech firms emerged and scaled unregulated with overreaching influences in the interim.

monopoly of big tech firms

Google threatens to block Australia from using search engine if forced to pay for news

Google's testimony "is part of a pattern of threatening behaviour that is chilling for anyone who values our democracy," said Peter Lewis, director of the Australia Institute's Centre for Responsible Technology.

google search engine in australia

Chrome browser will now tell you when you have a weak password; details

These changes come after Google in 2020-end announced changes that would make extensions more secure and private.

google chrome 88 new updates

IAMAI Summit: 2021 onwards, every payments business will focus on profitability, says Vijay Shekhar Sharma

"Competition in payments is getting mature and when you see challengers, they all will find what is it they stand for. Payment is so fundamental as a business that it will inevitably have n number of players,” Vijay Shekhar

Vijay Shekhar Sharma,paytm

Google completes $2.1 billion Fitbit acquisition as US, Australia probes continue

Google’s plan to buy Fitbit raised concerns when it was announced in late 2019 because of its already rich trove of data about people, what they buy, where they travel, and more.

fitbit google deal us australia deal

Google employees form workers’ union in United States

The "Alphabet Workers Union" aims to ensure that employees work at a fair wage, without fear of abuse, retaliation or discrimination, the union heads wrote here.

Google employees form workers' union in United States
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