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Google launch event: ‘Made by Google’ Pixel available for pre-order in US, Canada, UK, more – Coming soon in India

Google Pixel, Pixel XL launch: Google Pixel camera is 12 MP rear with 1.5 micron pixel size. It is available for pre-order in Canada, US, UK, Germany and Australia

Search engine does not favour Hillary Clinton or any other candidate, clarifies Google

Internet giant Google has clarified on reports that its search engine has been altered to help Hillary Clinton win the 2016 presidential elections in the United States.

Google, Facebook, YouTube receive tax notices in Pakistan

Pakistan's Punjab government has served tax notices to social media networking websites Google and Facebook as well as video-sharing..

Tango, Google’s augmented reality tech project, unveiled in Lenovo Phab2 Pro: 7 things to know

Lenovo, the Chinese computer titan, showcased a series of new smartphones, including a keenly-awaited Tango.

How govt’s ‘no’ upset Google, Microsoft plans to connect Indian villages

Government sources told FE that there is no way Microsoft will be allocated spectrum in the TV UHF band IV (470-585 MHz), which are called white spaces. Similar is the case with Google’s Loon.

Google co-founder Larry Page backing two start-ups making flying cars

Google co-founder Larry Page is backing two start-ups that are working on flying cars, including funding one...

Google’s Street View plan for India rejected by Modi government

The Home Ministry has conveyed to Google that its plans to cover India through the Google Street View is rejected.

Apple to increase app developers’ revenue share

"Instead of keeping 70 per cent of all revenue generated from subscriptions, publishers will be able to keep 85 per cent of revenue once a subscriber has been paying for a year," a report claimed.

Google, Lenovo’s Project Tango smartphone: All you want to know

On Thursday, Lenovo will give consumers their first chance to buy a phone featuring Google's 3-year-old Project Tango, an attempt to imbue machines with a better understanding about what's around them.

Google provides smartphones to women; aims to reduce digital gender gap in India

Internet search giant Google has tied up with Tata Trust to reduce the digital gender gap in rural areas of India by giving them data access.

Facebook, Google drive to make ‘machines see’ has a Russian link too

A Russian developer has created an open source computer vision platform, in collaboration with Facebook and Google, that acts as a teaching machine and enables them "see".

Google teaching its driverless car to honk

Software giant Google, in its Self-Driving Car Project's latest monthly report, has said that it has been experimenting with horn algorithms in the vehicle.

Google yet to build smartphones on its own: Sundar Pichai

Software giant Google has no plans to do its own smartphone as of now and will continue to work with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) on building Nexus devices, Indian-born top executive Sundar Pichai has said.

‘Google tax’ to impact start-ups

Under new rules, Indian advertisers will have to withhold 6% of the gross amount paid for online advertisements

Googling yourself now leads to personal privacy controls

Soon, all you'll need to do is Google yourself if you're wondering how deeply Google has been digging into your digital life.


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