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Tackling climate change: Why COP26 UN Climate Change Conference is important and what it entails

2021 marks the 26th Conference of Parties, and hence, has been named the COP26. It will be conducted at Glasgow’s Scottish Event Campus.

Climate Change: How is global warming likely to impact the El Nino and La Nina events?

The impact was assessed using one of the fastest supercomputers in South Korea - Aleph.

India Needs Urgent Climate Funding To Keep 1.5°C Alive

The country needs financial and technological support at an unprecedented scale and speed to pace up climate action

India is likely to achieve at least two of its three NDCs before 2030, and may announce updated goals. Its decarbonisation initiatives are more or less on track to meet its Paris Agreement targets.

Global sizzling: July was hottest month on record, NOAA says

While the world set a record in July, the United States only tied for its 13th hottest July on record. Even though California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington had their hottest Julys, slightly cooler than normal months in Texas

Global warming: Arctic’s ‘Last Ice Area’ shows signs of melting much earlier than anticipated; Check details here

Melting of ice: Even as experts had expected this area - located to the north of Canada and Greenland - to brave the global warming, it is apparently melting as well.

China says Jianggudiru glacier is melting due to climate change

A glacier that is one of the largest at the source of China's Yangtze River is fast retreating because of climate change

April this year was hottest on record: NASA

Last month was the hottest April on record, according to new data released by NASA, making it the sixth month in a row to have temperatures more than one degree Celsius above the 1951-1980 average.

Nasa news

Global warming may up chronic kidney disease

Climate change is likely to accelerate rates of chronic kidney disease worldwide as rising temperatures and heat stress harm kidneys.

World Bank unveils Climate Change Action Plan, to mobilise $25 bn in pvt financing

The World Bank has announced its plan to help developing countries add 30 gigawatts (GW) of renewable energy to the world's energy capacity and to mobilise $25 billion in private financing for clean energy by 2020.

world bank

Climate change: Trees adapt to higher temperatures, limiting global warming impact

Climate change: Trees can adapt to rising temperatures and limit their natural emissions of greenhouse gases, according to a study published on Wednesday that suggests plants may have a smaller than expected role in stoking m

Global warming making rich richer and poor poorer? 

A new study has warned that global warming will drive vast and unpredictable shift in natural wealth by taking from the poor and giving to the rich.

Greenland ice melt putting global ocean circulation at risk

Due to melting ice caps caused by global warming, the world saw a rise in sea levels and now, a new study revealed that those glaciers in Greenland can also affect the global ocean circulation and the future climate.

Climate change: 2-degree target to tame global warming can’t be met; here is why

The ambitious plan to limit global warming to “well below” 2 degrees Celsius is abstract and invites misunderstanding, a team of Swiss researchers claims.

In global warming bets, record 2015 heat buoys mainstream science

For British climate expert Chris Hope, new data showing that 2015 was the hottest year ever recorded is not just confirmation he's been right all along that the planet is getting warmer.

Climate change: Alaska permafrost thawing sooner than expected

Climate change: Up to a quarter of the permafrost that lies just under the ground surface in Alaska could thaw by the end of the century, according to a new study...

In Hot Water

The world’s lakes are warming faster than previously assumed, causing significant ecological changes

NASA: Earth’s recent history key to predicting global temperatures

NASA scientists have calculated the temperature impact of different climate drivers such as greenhouse gases, ozone concentrations and land use changes based on historical observations over 150 years.

Earth lakes’ rapid warming putting ecosystems at risk

The Earth's lakes are warming faster than both the oceans and the air around them, creating blooms of algae that are toxic to fish and rob water of oxygen.

Earth’s tilt influences climate change: Study

Earth's tilt that shifts every 41,000 years influences climate change by affecting the world's heaviest rain-belt, a new study that analysed data from the past 282,000 years has found.

Barack Obama reaches out to leaders; congrats them on climate deal

In the aftermath of the historic Paris climate deal, US President Barack Obama has reached out to world leaders and thanked them for their valuable contributions in working towards making the planet safe.

Climate change: Look beyond hotspots to help people weather climate shocks, says study

Targeting money only at areas hit by drought and other climate extremes in an effort to build resilience among the world's poorest may be ineffective, researchers said.

Climate change factbox: All you wanted to know in 7 points

Hosts France proposed a slimmer draft text at global climate change talks on Wednesday that leaves major issues unresolved, including finance for developing nations.

Climate change: Negotiators release new, shorter draft of accord, eye landmark deal

Raising hopes of a landmark climate deal, negotiators today unveiled a new shorter draft incorporating major progress as well as the differences, two days ahead of the deadline for the UN accord to curb greenhouse gas emissio

Climate change: Barack Obama phones Narendra Modi to clinch deal

In a bid to clinch a deal at the ongoing Paris climate conference, President Barack Obama is busy calling up various world leaders, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Barack Obama, Narendra Modi committed on climate change agreement: White House

US President Barack Obama and Prime Minster Narendra Modi during a phone conversation emphasised their "personal commitment" to secure a strong climate change agreement this week, the White House said.

Tackling a taboo: climate activists take tender approach on meat

Climate change: Chances are that you believe in climate change, but would be furious if someone tried to take away your steak.

Global warming: ‘Hotter nights flooding Earth’s atmosphere with more carbon’

Global warming: Hotter nights may actually wield much greater influence over the planet's atmosphere as global temperatures rise and can eventually lead to more carbon flooding atmosphere, researchers from Princeton Universit

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