PM to meet CMs again, Union Budget likely to open purse-strings for states

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s Union Budget for 2015-16 is likely to mark a seminal shift in the annual exercise by freeing up funds...

arun jaitley on modi govt

GDP base year revision may help govt contain fiscal deficit

A new series of national accounts with 2011-12 as base year for computing economic growth rate...

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Narendra Modi govt can raise capex by 1.2 pct of GDP in budget: Credit Suisse

Indian government can raise capex by at least 1.2 pct of GDP in FY16...

Credit Suisse

Current business scenario may yield positive results

There is every reason to believe that India appears to be the most favoured destination for investment.

And now, the pension deficit

Pension costs on the exchequer could be as high as 4.1% of the gross domestic product (GDP)...

Fiscal deficit in April-November hits 99% of Budget estimate

The Centre's receipts were sufficient to cover only 51% of its expenditure in April-November, leaving a fiscal deficit of Rs 5,25,134 crore, or 98.9% of the full-year...

The return of optimism

Despite the misses, 2014 saw a tremendous build-up of expectations from the Modi government. Now, it should initiate its reforms agenda, via Budget 2015

A year to do the hard yards

Most major economies, except the US, are struggling. we must rely on domestic demand to lift growth

Fiscal deficit in Apr-Nov touches 99 pct of Budget estimate

Reflecting tight financial position of the central government, fiscal deficit at Rs 5.25 lakh crore as of November-end almost...


The highway for job creation and rapid growth

Progress in the manufacturing sector holds the key to leveraging India’s demographic dividend of the world’s largest pool of educated young jobseekers

Cars, durables to be costlier from Jan as govt ends excise sop

Come New Year, the prices of automobiles and consumer durables will go up as the government today decided not to extend...

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Cars, durables to be costlier from Jan as govt ends excise sop

Come New Year, the prices of automobiles and consumer durables will go up as the government today decided not to extend...

cars, durables, cars costlier, cars costlier Jan, cars 2015, excise duty rates, excise duty rates reduction

Recruitment 2015: Top 10 trends that will define talent matchmaking, hiring

Matching jobs and candidates has gained hugely in importance and we list here the trends likely to dominate in 2015...

Markets and economy 2014; outlook 2015: Growth in India will pick up, govt willing, says Kamlesh Rao CEO, Kotak Securities

Indian markets have witnessed a buoyant trend that indicates better profit growth prospects for 2015.

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After a roller coaster ride, Indian economy at inflection point

For the Indian economy, the year 2015 could mark an inflection point of sorts, both in terms of moving to a higher growth trajectory...

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GDP likely to grow 6.4 per cent in 2015

Gross Domestic Product is likely to grow at a rate of 6.4 per cent on the back of pick-up in investment cycle in 2015...

Narendra Modi govt slashes health budget, already one of the world’s lowest

Narendra Modi-led government has ordered a cut of nearly 20 per cent in its 2014-15 healthcare budget due to fiscal strains.

Column: Rural demand headwinds

Recent developments carry potential to further slow down the key drivers of rural demand...

US economy grows at 5% in Q3; Strongest in more than a decade

The US economy grew at five per cent in the third quarter, the fastest in more than a decade...

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India falters, ranks 93rd in Forbes’ list of best countries for business

Forbes says that while the country is developing into an open-market economy, "traces of its past autarkic policies" still remain.

Growth revival still some distance away

The wave of transformation that has swept our country this year is remarkable.

More investments in infra may help steel industry grow

The Indian economy in July-September quarter has performed comparatively worse than Q1.

A moderation in interest rates is necessary

Synchronisation of fiscal policy, keeping the increase in MSP to reasonable levels, and increased investment activity will push growth

Finance Ministry hopeful of 5.4-5.9% growth this year

The Finance Ministry expects the economy to record a growth rate of 5.4-5.9 per cent this year.

Goldilocks year for India; GDP to grow 6.4% in 2015: Nomura

Indian economy is set for a goldilocks period used to describe a timeframe of high growth and low inflation.

GST@27% is retrograde

GST will be beneficial only if it has reasonable rates and minimum slabs

G20 battles over ‘growth vs stability’

While G20 may be riven by severe internal contradictions, the scares of the global financial crisis act as the glue to keep the majors together...

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