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Diesel price at lifetime high in Delhi; multiple rate hikes force consumers to shell out a fortune to buy fuel

The diesel price has climbed to the highest level on record at Rs 80.78 a litre in Delhi.

petrol and diesel prices today on 7 july 2020 petrol and diesel price increased, diesel price at lifetime high

दिल्ली में रिकॉर्ड 78.27 रु/लीटर पर डीजल की कीमत, 60 पैसे की हुई वृद्धि; पेट्रोल भी 35 पैसे महंगा

पेट्रोल और डीजल की कीमतों में रविवार को लगातार 15वें दिन बढ़ोतरी का सिलसिला जारी रहा.

Petrol Diesel prices: Diesel price on Sunday hit a fresh record high of 78.27 rupee per litre after rates were hiked by 60 paise per litre

Petrol, diesel may get cheaper soon; crude oil demand cools, and set to fall further

Both petrol and diesel prices fell over Rs 3 per litre since last month.

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After recent marginal hikes, petrol prices left unchanged today; petrol at Rs 70.63/litre in Delhi

Petrol price today: In the national capital New Delhi, petrol can be availed at Rs 70.63 per litre and diesel at Rs 64.54 per litre. In Mumbai, petrol and diesel were being sold at Rs 76.25 per litre and 67.55 per litre, resp

why do petrol and diesel price rise after election

Daily revision of fuel prices leads to hike in petrol prices by Rs 6 and diesel Rs 3.67

Petrol prices came down from the initial Rs 65.48 in June to Rs 63.06 on 2nd July, however, they have been on a rise ever since

AIMTC urges govt to roll back fuel price hike 

Apex transporters body AIMTC has demanded rollback of hike in fuel prices, saying it has affected the transport sector and would lead to another round of inflation.

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May inflation at (-)2.36 pct; in negative zone for 7th month

Easing prices of fuel, food items and manufactured goods kept inflation in the negative zone for the seventh consecutive month in May.

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