P&K fertilisers: 140% hike in subsidy to cost govt Rs 15,000 crore

The Budget allocation for subsidy of P & K fertilisers for FY22 is Rs 20,720 crore against Rs 37,372 crore spent in FY21.

The total fertiliser bill for the current financial year is pegged at Rs 79,530 crore, against Rs 1.28 lakh crore, with urea being the most commonly used and the most subsidised fertiliser.

Green hydrogen: MNRE mulls purchase obligations on fertiliser firms, refineries

Solar and wind plants can produce green hydrogen through electrolysis, a process wherein the electricity generated is put in water to create hydrogen and oxygen.

The 2.5 million tonne (MT) of crude oil produced in the country during the month was 2.1% lower than the production in the year-ago period. Around 85% of the country’s crude oil requirement has to be imported.

Nano fertiliser promotes plant growth sans polluting water bodies

"Currently, farmers are using nearly 85 percent of the world's total mined phosphorus as fertiliser. At this rate, the world's supply of phosphorus could run out within the next 80 years...

Column: Clean up the fertiliser mess

Taking the DBT route for disbursing subsidies and bringing urea under the NBS scheme will help

The unabated food and fertiliser worries

With reforms in fertilisers and food stuck in a groove, it is but natural that the government is shirking from paying subsidy arrears

Cabinet approves production from 3 naphtha-based urea plants

The government approved continuation of its production from three plants that use naphtha as feedstock till availability of gas through pipelines or any other means.

Urea plant

CCEA nod to gas pooling for fertiliser sector

Government approved a proposal to pool the prices of domestic natural gas and imported liquefied natural gas and supply them to domestic fertiliser plants at a uniform delivered price.

gas price

Gold in feces worth millions: Study

Human feces contains gold, silver and other metals which could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, say scientists...

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