Facebook partners with IT security vendor ESET

ESET, a global digital security provider, has joined Facebook’s anti-malware initiative to offer free online scanning.

Net Normal

Online is the new normal for Indians, with social networking being the top priority for them

Supreme Court to consider Facebook threats case

SC is considering the free-speech rights of people who use violent or threatening language on Facebook.

Furious backlash over Facebook rant against Barack Obama daughters

Elizabeth Lauten wrote a scathing post to her Facebook account scolding Malia and Sasha Obama...

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Users turning to WeChat, WhatsApp to reach friends: Survey

According to GWI, 83 per cent Internet users had Facebook accounts, but only 47 per cent actively used the website.

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Teens not hooked to Facebook anymore: Study

Twenty seven per cent of teens said Facebook is not as cool as it used to be.

Sex traffickers ‘using Facebook’ to lure victims

Gangs are using social media sites such as Facebook to lure young women into crime and prostitution.

Why should Google and Facebook escape?

“Obama smacks down internet ‘fast lanes’”, read Reuters News Service on the recent remark...

Facebook launches new app for its Groups feature

New Facebook feature let users create and interact with communities on the site, whether they're based on hobbies, geography or culture.

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Social Analytics – An opportunity or threat

Social tools like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and many more, are now hosting a plethora of social activities.

Facebook secretly working on professional website ‘Facebook at Work’: Report

Facebook at Work will compete with professional social network LinkedIn, Google Inc and Microsoft Corp.

Private Enough

Facebook can’t junk its revenue strategy to please privacy advocates

Facebook again tries to simplify privacy policy

One more time, Facebook is trying to simplify its lengthy privacy policy and make it much shorter...

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I will never join Twitter, Facebook: Jennifer Lawrence

The nude photo hacking scandal has put Jennifer Lawrence completely off the social media...

Facebook Messenger now has 500 million users

Last week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted "forcing" users to download the app.

File complaint about Ration offices, Fair Price shops at Facebook page

Food Supplies and Consumer Affairs has become the first department of the Delhi government...

Facebook launches Ebola charity donation button

Facebook is stepping up its efforts to fight Ebola by adding a button designed...

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Defending Privacy

Facebook is caught between increasing pressure from govts to share data and vocal proponents of privacy.

Employee Satisfaction

How technology companies manage to keep employees happy and productive

India tops Facebook’s content restriction list

Facebook has restricted access to nearly 5,000 pieces of information on its website in India...

Six types of killers on Facebook identified

Researchers have identified six different types of killers who turn to Facebook.....

IIT Kharagpur students’ pre-placement offers jump 20 pct this year; highest soars to Rs 91 lakh

Foreign offers made to IIT Kharagpur students include those from Google, Facebook, and Schlumberger.

‘Asian mobile apps challenge tech giants like Apple Inc, Google’

Asian-origin mobile applications LINE, YAY and WeChat are posing challenges to technology giants like Apple...

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