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‘One charger to rule them all’ could be a reality soon as EU proposes mandatory USB-C on devices, including iPhones

The rules are also going to apply to devices like tablets, portable speakers, headphones, cameras and video game consoles, and manufacturers will need to make fast charging standards interoperable.

India, EU to discuss healthcare cooperation and ways to boost economic ties

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will participate in a virtual meeting with the heads of all the 27 European Union member states on Saturday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Britain has officially left Europe as it ends long Brexit journey with economic break

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, whose support for Brexit helped push the country out of the EU, said it was "an amazing moment for this country".

britain officially exits the european union

Last-minute UK-EU post-Brexit trade deal in the works

The main sticking points remain fishing rights and the so-called "level playing field" -- measures to prevent what is seen as unfair competition through the lowering of standards or the use of state subsidies.

Again, Europe, like all other nations, has to grapple with immigration and assimilation.

UN votes to allow European Union ships off Libya to seize illegal arms

The U.N. Security Council has unanimously adopted a resolution allowing the European Union's maritime force off Libya's...

Oil prices drop further on supply, Britain European Union exit fears

Oil prices tumbled again today as traders grow concerned about the chances of Britain leaving the European Union...

India, European Union partnership to boost clean energy initiatives

The cooperation between India and the European Union will facilitate policy dialogue and bring best practices as well as business solutions for clean energy projects, particularly in the farm sector.

India EU Partnership

UK’s opposition Labour seeks to regain momentum for European Union “In” campaign

Britain will have a stronger voice in the world if it stays in the European Union, the opposition Labour Party will say on Monday as it seeks to persuade its voters to back an "In" vote before an increasingly close-run June 2

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Britain’s authority within European Union will rise after “In” vote: PM David Cameron

Cameron also reiterated a warning made in a newspaper interview published on Sunday that pensions and the publicly funded National Heath Service could face cuts after a vote for Brexit.


Britons narrowly support remaining in the European Union: Opinium poll

British support for remaining in the European Union stands at 44 percent compared to 42 percent of voters who back leaving the 28-member bloc, according to an Opinium poll for Sunday's Observer newspaper.

british voting

Brexit: Leave camp 10 points ahead in ORB poll on Britain’s EU referendum

Britons will vote on June 23 on whether to leave the world's largest free trading area, a decision with far-reaching implications for politics, the economy, trade, defence and migration in Britain and the rest of the EU.

Macedonia’s ex-PM denies demolishing opponent’s building

A former Macedonian prime minister denied demolishing a building owned by a political opponent when he appeared in court...

Angela Merkel stresses she hopes Britain will stay in European Union

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has stressed she hopes that Britain will vote to remain in the European Union in a June 23 referendum.

Britain, Brexit

Hungary to close its largest migrants center

Hungary says it is planning to close its largest remaining reception center for migrants and refugees.


Betting odds indicate 76% probability of UK voting to stay in EU: Betfair

The implied probability of a British vote to stay in the European Union on June 23 rose to 75.8 percent on Thursday, according to betting odds supplied by Betfair.

british voting

British European lawmaker says goodbye to European Union, he hopes

A top British anti-European Union campaigner has made what he hopes will be his last speech to the European Parliament...

Report: No countries ready to join euro, despite progress

The European Central Bank says seven countries in the European Union fulfill most of the requirements for joining the bloc's common currency, the euro - but none has met all of the standards.

British support for remaining in the European Union narrowly ahead: polls

Britons narrowly favour remaining in the European Union according to two polls published in Tuesday's newspapers, in contrast to surveys released on Monday which showed the campaign for Brexit ahead.

David Cameron

Beijing’s silent prayer on Brexit vote: Better in than out

While some world leaders have trumpeted support for Britain to stay in the European Union in this month's referendum, China has kept a low profile. But with an important stake in the economic consequences, Beijing also quietl

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Emirates airline chief worried about Brexit impact on EU economy

The head of Dubai-based airline Emirates expressed concerns on Friday about the impact on the rest of Europe if Britain votes to leave the European Union in a June 23 referendum.

Brexit, European Union, Britons, Norway, North Sea, Brussels, Britons, Beijing votebritain, European Union, DBS

UK’s Cameron says leaving EU would be ‘economic self-harm’

Many voters have expressed frustration at all the claims and counterclaims, and Thursday's studio audience - selected to include pro-and anti-EU voters, as well as....

David Cameron

Angela Merkel says Britain will be stronger within EU

German Chancellor Angela Merkel today urged Britain to stay in the EU, warning three weeks ahead of its referendum that a 'Brexit' vote would leave the United Kingdom with less clout.

angela merkel

European Union cautions governments against banning Uber cabs, Airbnb

Services such as ride-hailing app Uber and home-rental site Airbnb should only be banned as a last resort, the European Union executive said on Thursday...

City of London’s ‘Brexiteers’ regroup for battle

Richard Tice was among a group of financiers engaged in a campaign to stop Britain from joining the euro single currency. Now he is fighting another battle - to bring Britain out of the European Union.

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What UK can learn from Norway as it weighs life outside European Union

Ahead of a June 23 referendum on whether to quit the European Union, Britons are looking across the North Sea to Norway for clues on what life could be like outside the bloc.

Brexit, European Union, Britons, Norway, North Sea, Brussels, Britons, Beijing votebritain, European Union, DBS
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