European Space Agency

EnVision: After NASA, European Space Agency announces new Venus probe: Everything to know about the 2030s mission

Venus Exploration Missions: Interestingly, NASA would also be contributing to the EnVision mission.

‘Molten Ring’! NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope captures stunning image of Einstein Ring — all you need to know

Hubble Space Telescope: Astronomers who have been observing this particular Einstein Ring have started calling it the “Molten Ring”

hubble space telescope, hubble space telescope stunning images

European Space Agency: Region to build Moon base by 2030

According to the European Space Agency, a man made base on the moon should turn into reality by 2030.

European space plane set for February launch: Firm

Europe's first-ever "space plane" will be launched on February 11 next year, rocket firm Arianespace...

Scientists ‘confident’ comet lander will wake up

There is a strong chance Europe's comet lander will wake up from hibernation as it nears the sun...

Results from comet lander’s experiments expected

A first evaluation of the data that comet lander Philae sent to the European Space Agency...

Comet lander shuts down as batteries go flat after sending data

A pioneering robotic spacecraft shut down on Saturday after radioing results of its first and probably...

European Space Agency releases 1st picture from comet

European Space Agency published the first image taken from the surface of a comet...

European Space Agency: Comet lander ends up in cliff shadow

A shadow was cast quite literally across Europe's historic mission to land on and explore a comet.

Space agency: Comet lander ends up in cliff shadow

Europe's comet lander Philae has come to rest in the shadow of a cliff, posing a potential problem for its solar panels...

European Space Agency’s Philae makes historic landing on a speeding comet: All you need to know

Hundreds of millions of miles from Earth, European Space Agency’s lander, Philae, makes history by successfully landing on the icy surface of a comet.

European Space Agency spacecraft lands on comet

Hundreds of millions of miles from Earth, a European spacecraft made history Wednesday by successfully...

Scientists set for historic comet landing attempt by European Space Agency’s Rosetta

Rosetta and the comet are flying in tandem at 41,000 mph between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, 311 mn miles from Earth.

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