Oil marketing companies fail on ethanol lifting commitments, blending programme targets likely to fall short

According to sugar industry sources, due to the encouragement and incentives provided by the government, the sugar mills and distilleries have achieved a record allocation of 310 crore litres of ethanol to be supplied to OMCs

“To achieve 10% blending target at pan India level, there is a need to ensure that enough tankage capacity is available with the OMCs,” he says and adds that priority of allocation of inter-state supplies should also be rationalized by OMCs.

New method to develop alternative fuel from ethanol

Researchers have developed a more efficient way of converting ethanol to a better alternative fuel without creating unwanted byproducts. Ethanol, which is produced from corn, is commonly used as an additive in engine fuel as

jet fuel

Rise in ethanol supply helps govt save Rs 5,000 cr: ISMA

The sugar industry has contracted to supply 104 crore litres of ethanol between December this year and November 2016, compared with 78 crore litres a year before, which will result in a saving of almost Rs 5,000 crore of fore

CCEA okays hike in sugar import duty to 40%

The govt has decided to raise import duty on sugar to 40 per cent, from 25 per cent, and remove excise duty on ethanol.

sugar import

State levies, red tape hamper ethanol blending programme

Oil-marketing companies (OMCs) have contracted to buy only 80 crore litres of ethanol through various tenders floated since July last year, around half...

Govt puts fresh rider on raw sugar subsidy to mills

Mills and co-operatives having the capacity to produce ethanol will have to convert one-fourth of their alcohol production...

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