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Economic Survey 2016: India needs to push up tax-GDP ratio; spend on health, education

India needs to increase its tax-GDP ratio, and spend more on health and education, the Economic Survey 2015-16 said today.


Economic Survey 2016: FDI up 31% at $24.8 billion during April-November

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into the country increased by 31 per cent to USD 24.8 billion during April-November, Economic Survey said today.

Economic survey 2016

Budget 2016: Economic Survey pitches for curbing Rs 1 lakh crore subsidy to rich

Budget 2016: This may not be good news for many, but the Economic Survey for 2016 tabled in Parliament today has rightly pitched for cutting the subsidies being cornered by the well-off people in the country.

Economic Survey: Finance Ministry proposes five-point plan to facilitate corporate exits

It has said that “India seems to have a disproportionately large share of inefficient firms with very low productivity and with little exit.

Economic Survey 2015-16: Govt to cut subsidies to ‘better-off’

Economic Survey 2016 points out that there may be 'substantial leakages' from the government's exchequer since the current level of subsidies may be an underestimation.

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Economic Survey: Govt push helps start-ups grow by 40 per cent, create 85,000 jobs in 2015

“E-commerce is expected to grow at 21.4% in 2015-16 to reach $17 billion,” the Economic Survey has said.

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Union Budget 2016: Is there further downside to the market as D-day approaches?

The last budget was presented by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on February 28, 2015. Since then, the 30-share index BSE Sensex slid 5,951 points to 23,410.18 on Feb 23 from 29,361.50 on Feb 28 last year.

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Economic Survey 2015-16 suggests widening of tax base, property tax needs urgent attention

Economic Survey 2015-16 was tabled in the Parliament on Friday, which proposed widening tax net from 5.5 per cent of earning individuals to over 20 per cent.

Tax exemptions - union budget 2016

Economic Survey 2016: How per capita income grew in FY16

The Economic Survey 2015-16 which was tabled by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Friday stated that per capita income of the country jumped 7.3 per cent to Rs 93,231 in 2015-16 from Rs 86,879 in 2014-15.

Indian rupee vs US dollar

Economic Survey 2015-16: Credit offtake by industry, farm sector slowing; personal loans buck the trend

The Economic Survey 2015-16 has pointed out that credit offtake by industry has been slowing.

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Economic Survey 2015-16 tabled in Parliament, GDP growth seen at 7-7.5% in 2016-17

According to the Economic Survey 2015-16, there will be a little impact on inflation due to the recommendations in the 7th Pay Commission and said it will not destablise prices.

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Economic Survey 2016: 7th Pay Commission may not destabilise prices

Economic Survey for 2015-16: . The survey has termed external environment as challenging but projected a 7-7.5 per cent GDP growth rate in the next fiscal which could accelerate to eight per cent in a couple of years.

Economic survey 2016, Economic Survey 2016 live, Economy survey, Arun Jaitley
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