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The Economic Survey vindicates a pioneer

Bhavarlal Hiralal Jain’s life shows that linkages with companies or cooperatives that operate on shared prosperity can create better value for farmers.

RBI can help fund part of bank recap: Economic Survey 2016

Economic Survey 2016: The Indian economy has moved from socialism with restricted entry to ‘marketism’ without exit ... the lack of exit creates fiscal, economic (or opportunity) and political costs, said CEA Arvind Subra

RBI can help fund part of bank recap: Economic Survey 2016

Economic Survey 2016: Use part of RBI’s surplus for PSB recapitalisation

Survey nudges central bank to give part of its R8 lakh-cr cash balance for the purpose; Centre could sell certain non-financial firms and use proceeds to make additional capital infusion

Economic Survey 2016: Mobile networks a key tool for financial inclusion

The Economic Survey 2015-16 has identified mobile networks as one of the key tools for financial inclusion and calls for enhanced mobile payments technology using 4G...

Economic Survey 2016: Case made for optional EPF contribution for low earners

Contribution to the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) for those earning up to R15,000 per month should be made optional as it amounts to taxing them...

Economic Survey 2016: Repeat of El Nino unlikely, normal monsoon probable

Painting an optimistic picture, the Economic Survey 2015-16 on Friday stated that El Niño, which was mainly responsible for the deficient monsoon...

Economic Survey 2016: Retail inflation likely to remain at 4.5-5% in coming fiscal

Retail inflation will likely remain in the 4.5-5% range in the coming fiscal, within the central bank’s target of 5% by March 2017, despite an expected spiral in wage costs...

Economic Survey 2016: India’s stand at WTO flawed

Concerns over country’s misplaced focus on SSM and permanent solution to public stockholding issue at multilateral body

Economic Survey 2016: Use public finance to achieve climate change goals

The Economic Survey tabled in Parliament on Friday said that India should use public finance, both international and domestic...

Economic Survey 2016: Plan needed for currency readjustment in Asia

With the frequency of global shocks increasing, the Economic Survey cautioned that one tail risk scenario that India must plan for is a major currency readjustment in Asia...

Economic Survey 2016: Red flags over complex tariff structure, high industrial rates, quality

The Economic Survey hailed the striking developments in the power sector since the Narendra Modi-led government took charge but also listed several challenges that need to be tackled.

Economic Survey 2016: To cut leakages, start DBT for fertilisers

The government budgeted Rs 73,000 crore for fertiliser subsidies in 2015-16; nearly 70% of this amount was allocated to urea

Economic Survey 2016: Adopt GM crops, step up investment in irrigation

Stating that Indian agriculture has become a victim of its own success, the Economic Survey for 2015-16 on Friday called for measures for adoption of high yielding Genetically Modified...

Economic Survey 2016: Increase spending on maternal and child healthcare

The government expenditure saw an uptick in healthcare spending both as a share of GDP and in real terms during the first eight months of the current fiscal through March 31...

Economic Survey 2016: ‘A balanced picture of headwinds and tailwinds’

The survey has appropriately identified the impaired financial positions of some large corporates and the state-owned banks as a major threat to the nation’s financial stability

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