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India poised for better economic growth: OECD

Paris-based think tank OECD on Thursday said India's economic expansion continues to firm up even as growth is easing in the neighbouring China.

High economic growth will wipe tears of the poor: Amit Shah

Expressing optimism over the state of the economy as highlighted in the Economic Survey, BJP President Amit Shah...

Tier II, III cities to grow in next phase of economic boom

A new report points that while most of these cities do not have a master plan, they are preparing their plans based on the past experiences of other cities and advanced knowledge of how cities work...

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Economic growth in India firming up: OECD

India's growth is "firming up" while most of the major economies, including China and the US...

India a fundamental provider of security and economic growth: White House

A day after President Barack Obama unveiled his annual budget, giving a new thrust to the Asia Pacific re-balance...

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WEF: Indian tortoise can grow faster than Chinese hare, says economist Nourel Roubini

India has the potential to overtake China in terms of growth rate in the coming years, provided it implements reforms in a big way...

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Indian economic growth forecasts pegged back, despite rate cuts

India's economy will pick up steam in the fiscal year beginning in April, but not by as much as analysts...

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Column: Levelling the playing field

The key to Make-in-India lies in creating a modern system of small-business finance in the country

For a rewarding 2015, be a little picky

The past year has been an eventful one for financial markets with many delivering strong results despite headlines...

Editorial: Odd ways

Unconventional economists are coming up with some rather odd ways to predict how the economy is doing

Building skill to match the will

Developing skilled professionals in the energy domain is crucial

Can India achieve 8% or higher growth?

While India seems poised for a turnaround in economic activities, but it can achieve 8% or higher growth only through more structural reforms, says OECD.

OECD ups India growth outlook at 5.4 pct this fiscal, urges structural reforms

OECD's survey of Indian economy has pegged GDP growth for India at 6.6 per cent next fiscal and 6.8 per cent in 2016-17.

Banks’ rising NPL burden

Slower economic growth, stalled projects, and higher interest rates have pushed the non-performing loans...

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