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All is NOT well with India’s economy: GDP growth may fall to lowest in nearly 30 years

India Ratings and Research has further cut FY21 GDP growth forecast to 1.9%, which will be the lowest GDP growth in the last 29 years.

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COVID19 Impact: FY21 में 1.1% रह सकती है GDP ग्रोथ, FY20 में घटकर 4.1% पर आ जाने का अनुमान- SBI रिपोर्ट

वित्त वर्ष 2020-21 में करीब 12.1 लाख करोड़ रुपये या बाजार मूल्य पर 6 फीसदी जीवीए का नुकसान होगा

India's Economic growth may fall to 1.1 pc this fiscal due to coronavirus pandemic: SBI Ecowrap report

3 industrial shares to buy: As investors look for gems amid COVID-19 slump, these stocks may gain 40%

With the lockdown extension till May 3, 2020, the key demand driver is likely to deteriorate further in the coming days. Indians consider Navratri and Akshay Tritya as an auspicious time to buy and invest in the housing secto

Economic impact of coronavirus deepens, second round of relief package for corporate India in offing

The government is all set to announce another round of relief measures for corporate India targeted at specific sectors that were worst hit by the pandemic and lockdown.

भारत दुनिया की 5वीं सबसे बड़ी अर्थव्यवस्था, ब्रिटेन और फ्रांस को पीछे छोड़ा: रिपोर्ट

भारत दुनिया की पांचवीं सबसे बड़ी अर्थव्यवस्था वाला देश बन गया है. उसने 2019 में ब्रिटेन और

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IMF ने भारत की आर्थिक वृद्धि दर का अनुमान घटाया, 2019 में 4.8% रहने का अंदेशा

गैर-बैंकिग वित्तीय कंपनियों में दबाव और ग्रामीण भारत में आय वृद्धि कमजोर रहने का हवाल

IMF lowers India growth estimate to 4.8 pc for 2019, sees growth of 5.8 pc in 2020 and then 6.5 pc in 2021

भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्था ‘ICU’ में, मौजूदा मंदी साधारण नहीं: मोदी सरकार के पहले CEA

पूर्व मुख्य आर्थिक सलाहकार अरविंद सुब्रमणियन के अनुसार भारत की अर्थव्यवस्था आईसीयू

Former Chief Economic Adviser Arvind Subramanian, Ex CEA says india faces great slowdown, economy headed to ICU, export down, पूर्व मुख्य आर्थिक सलाहकार अरविंद सुब्रमणियन, slowdown, India GDP, economic growth, investment, job, consumption

India to grow at 7.8 per cent in FY17, led by consumption: DBS

Recovery in the Indian economy is likely to continue and the GDP growth is expected to be higher at 7.8 per cent in the current fiscal, although it will be "uneven", propped largely by "strong consumption" and public expendit

Vietnam targets 6.8 pct economic growth in 2017

Vietnam is targeting economic growth of 6.8 percent in 2017, up slightly from 6.7 percent expected this year, the government said.

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Japan to roll out new growth strategy, economists asking for more

The growth strategy, to be approved by the cabinet on Thursday, will take steps to narrow the pay gap between regular and part-time employees, but critics say it is still....

Shinzo Abe

Time for a reality check on growth

The NDA government is starting its third year. It has had the unenviable task of reviving growth and return it to its 8% potential.

CPI inflation

Structural reforms needed to put India on faster growth path: Kotak Institutional Equities

Government must focus on structural reforms to put the country on the path of faster economic growth, as the "several reforms" implemented so far may not be enough in a fast-changing world...

India-Mauritius tax treaty

World Bank trims 2016, 2017 East Asia growth forecasts, cites risks to outlook

The World Bank trimmed its 2016 and 2017 economic growth forecasts for developing East Asia and Pacific, and said the outlook was clouded by risks such as uncertainty...

Indian economy

Global growth prospects clouded, need coherent response: OECD

Global economic prospects remain clouded in the near term as emerging markets are losing steam and a coherent policy response is needed to boost overall growth, Paris-based think-tank OECD said today.

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India is the only economy not affected by global economic crisis: PM Narendra Modi

India is the only economy which has not been affected by the global economic crisis which has affected the world, primarily due to the policies being implemented by the government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today.

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Double-digit growth possible if reforms go on: Arvind Panagariya

India is expected to get on to a double-digit growth in the next 2-3 years if reform process continues, NITI Aayog Vice-Chairman Arvind Panagariya said today.

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Raghuram Rajan warns against perils of breakneck economic growth

Reserve Bank Governor Raghuram Rajan on Friday warned against the hazards of growing at a break- neck speed and called for drawing right lessons from Brazil

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Govt’s push to infrastructure key to economic growth in India: Survey

Indian investors expect government push on infrastructure to act as the key to economic growth, which will provide impetus to private investment, a survey conducted by India Ratings and Research revealed.

Q1 growth likely to be at 7.2-7.5%, miss expectations

Initial indications reveal that growth remains on the same footing as the last quarter, if not lower.

Construction growth

NCAER predicts economic growth at 7.5% this fiscal

Economic think-tank NCAER has projected the country's economic growth at 7.5 per cent in the current fiscal.

economic growth

Indian economy can grow by 7.5-8 per cent despite deficient monsoon: Bibek Debroy

India’s economy could grow by 7.5-8% in FY16 despite deficient monsoon rains as most sectors of the economy has shown an uptick in recent months, Niti Aayog member Bibek Debroy told FE.

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Arun Jaitley: Macros improving, interest rates will come down

FM Arun Jaitley said, 'Macro-economic outcomes have improved significantly, primarily with the revival of economic growth and subsidence of inflationary tendencies.'

Arun Jaitley

Economic growth prospects dim on delays to reforms: Poll

The Reserve Bank of India has already cut benchmark interest rates three times this year to 7.25 percent and eased credit conditions to boost loan growth and the broader economy, with limited success so far.

economic growth

Economic recovery more statistical than real: Yashwant Sinha

Questioning NDA government's claims of economic recovery since it came to power, senior BJP leader Yashwant Sinha has said that growth is up "only statistically"

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Path to 10 per cent growth not impossible for India: Arun Jaitley in US

"It is important that we reach that target, but it is more important that we sustain it for a couple of years," Arun Jaitley said.

Arun jaitley on reforms
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